Juan Pablo Medina reappears recovered half a year after suffering a thrombosis

Juan Pablo Medina suffered a thrombosis in August of this year that led to the amputation of his right leg, An issue that took him away from social media while he was focused on his recovery.

However, recently the protagonist of I’m your fan Y The House of Flowers reappeared on her partner’s Instagram profile with a postcard where he is seen sharing with friends and his girlfriend, Paulina Dávila.

The whole group is seen smiling and having a good time, which indicates that everything is going smoothly with the health of the famous Mexican origin, who remains very jealous of your privacy.

Precisely, those who accompany him in the photograph are part of the cast of the series I’m your fan: Martín Altomaro and Johanna Murrillo, in addition to the artists, Regina Blandón, Manolo Cardona, Valeria Santos and José María Yazbek.

According Unicable, both Juan Pablo Medina with his girlfriend They have maintained total discretion on the subject so it is unknown when he will be able to return to acting.

“I think it is a time when you have to be with the people you love, and, surely, when he is ready, he will share with you his story and what happened, it is not up to me, but I tell you that it is very well and thank you for your interest ”, answered Dávila when she was questioned at an event weeks ago.

This was the serious health episode of Juan Pablo Medina

In mid-2021 it was reported that the 44-year-old American was admitted to the hospital because in the middle of one of his shootings in Mexico City he started to feel bad.

There the doctors detected that he suffered a thrombosis, which is a blood clotting disorder that forms in deep veins of the body, which caused him to have to undergo an amputation.

He was hospitalized for almost a month until he was discharged to continue your recovery at home.