Juan Rivera spends moments of terror for “Culiacanazo” – El Sol de México

The singer Juan Rivera experienced moments of terror, when the day of violence broke out in Culiacán, Sinaloa, (due to the recapture of Ovidio Guzmán), as he reported on his YouTube channel, where he made a live broadcast after the clashes.

The actor also explained that he was waiting for his family, as he was going to give his wife a house, which had been delivered to him last September, and he had just finished furnishing.

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“Next week they put me in quarantine for The House of Celebrities (the reality show in which he participated), and I wanted to spend these days with my family, give my wife the house of her dreams, but it couldn’t,” explained in the almost half-hour broadcast.

“I fell asleep at four in the morning cleaning my wife’s house, she hadn’t seen anything about the work. I threw it out with the people here. I woke up at around 7:30 and they tell me that it is at all that it gives , I received videos of what was happening, and the first thing I thought about was my children,” he added.

Juan assured that when he found out about the seizure of the airport, he felt very afraid, since his family was about to land, and despite his impulse to go look for them, they advised him to stay home to avoid being caught in the crossfire.

“My children were going to arrive at that time. What I love the most, love the most and protect the most, they were going to arrive at that time. My wife and my children are on the plane, and obviously they cannot communicate, and one always thinks what worse. I didn’t know if they were going to let my wife’s flight land. I wanted to go, but they told me ‘don’t even think about leaving where you are.'”

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Rivera ended his message by clarifying that the detonations or explosions could not be heard from the home where he was, and he also launched a message of support for all those who live near the most affected areas.