Juan Soler and Patricia Manterola together again as in “Bet for a love”

Juan Soler and Patricia Manterola meet again 18 years after “Apuesta por un amor”, the successful soap opera that made them one of the most beloved couples on the small screen and that continues to sweep the ratings after its repetitions.

John Soler has shown to have impeccable chemistry and great respect for her teammates, from Silvia Navarro to Yadhira Carrillo, Itatí Cantoral and Patricia Manterola. Everyone has always spoken wonders about him and this reunion confirms the great gentleman he is.

This week, Juan Soler and the team at morning program “Sale el sol” they received Patricia Manterola to present their new musical theme and could not miss the photo of the memory, where they remembered the impulsive “Julia Montano” and the imposing “Gabriel Duran”.

Yes ok, 18 years have passed since the successful telenovelaJuan Soler and Patricia Manterola look their best and it was inevitable to take the souvenir photo, so they became a trend on social networks and their followers were very happy.

This has not been the only reunion of Juan Soler with her companions, because recently she also had a very intimate talk with Yadhira Carillo where they asked for a soap opera together again.

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Juan Soler returns to melodramas

Although the facet of Juan Soler as driver He has charmed the public and has shown more of his charming character, many expected to see him soon on the small screen and the opportunity has come.

After his latest melodrama, “La mexicana y el güero”, everything indicates that Juan Soler is ready to return to the television forums for a new telenovela Y It will be with “Invincible love” where he will collaborate with Juan Osorio and a large cast presumably headed by Angelique Boyer where Leticia Calderón will also be, according to journalist Chema Cortés.

Telenovelas like “When I fall in love”, “The other one”, “Cañaveral de Pasiones”, “Under the same skin” have made Juan Soler one of the most beloved telenovela leading men and the actor of Argentine origin has shownr a true gentleman both in front of the camera and behind itwith the way he has treated the women in his life, his daughters, his ex-wife and his current girlfriend.

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