Juan Soler celebrated his 57th birthday with Paulina Mercado, his girlfriend: photos of their dinner and gifts | Famous

Of course, the 50-year-old driver showed that their previous friendship was key for the romance to be born:

“There are no surprises anymore, we already know each other perfectly. I know that he likes it, I know that he doesn’t like it, what bothers him, I gave him advice, he gave me advice, it has been a very nice relationship and I think we have equal circumstances”.

Juan Soler celebrated his 57th birthday with Paulina Mercado

In the broadcast of “Sale el sol” that day, Paulina Mercado dedicated a congratulatory message to him on the air:

“Today, I truly celebrate your life, because I also celebrate and celebrate your humanity, your way of being, your love, your way of being a dad, how you give yourself to people, your intelligence, your wisdom. You are an admirable being and I am truly happy to be sharing with you at this moment”.

A day later, the soap opera heartthrob boasted on his Instagram account that his girlfriend had sent him a large bouquet of flowers, as well as a photo frame with a photo of the two of them as a present.

But the celebration of Juan Soler’s birthday did not end there. On January 23, the Argentine used the same social network to give some glimpses of how he marked this very special occasion with his girlfriend.

As he revealed, that day they shared their breakfast.

In the afternoon, they also enjoyed a dinner prepared by a private chef, as well as a couple of glasses of wine.

The traditional birthday cake was not lacking: it was of a black and white design, with candles in a two-dimensional style. Under the photos of his birthday, Juan Soler limited himself to writing “unique moments”.

In the comments section, both fans and celebrities sent him their best wishes on his new return to the sun, in addition to stressing how happy they look as a couple:

“The two are good people and deserve a lot of happiness”, “Precious couple”, “You can see love and happiness in their eyes”, “I love them together, they look beautiful”, “I love this couple”, “They radiate light ”.

Tell us in the comments, do you think Juan Soler and Paulina Mercado look in love?

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