Juan Soler showed his radical change of look in a video on Instagram: he used a filter to achieve it | Famous

Proof of the above is that he resumed his romance with a girlfriend from his teens and just a few days ago he celebrated his granddaughter Alfonsina’s first birthday.

In the midst of this new facet in his life, he has been seen happier, more playful and even active on social networks. In fact, it was through his Instagram profile that the Argentine actor showed off his recent change of look to all his fans: look how it turned out.

Juan Soler showed his change of look

On March 19, the Argentine soap opera heartthrob published a short video on said digital platform in which he is heard saying “well, for all those who asked me for a radical change of image, I’ll give it to you: red hair, the new Colorado Soler”.

Indeed, in the clip he is seen with a mane of a color between pink and red, but not only that, but slightly longer eyelashes and even blush on his cheeks.

However, his fans do not have to worry, because Juan Soler achieved this new look with a digital filter.

Of course, this joke seemed very funny to other celebrities and fans alike, who did not hesitate to comment on the publication with laughing emojis. Others of his followers assured that even with this transformation he seemed very attractive to them.

What do you think of the new image of Juan Soler?

This is how Juan Soler has changed over the years

Of Argentine origin, the actor began his career in soap operas in the 90s. His first projects were ‘Cañaveral de pasiones’, ‘Pueblo Chico, Inferno Grande’ and ‘Ángela’.

He immediately became one of the most sought-after leading men on the small screen.

At that time, he captivated with his youthful image, green-eyed, with a tanned complexion and lush hair.

In the most active years of his career he kept a very similar profile, although he occasionally added a slightly grown beard to his face.

Currently, the actor of La Mexicana and El Güero is 56 years old and has incorporated the passage of time into his look: he left gray hair throughout his hair and even boasts silver hair in his beard.

What is Juan Soler’s style that you liked the most? With which do you think he looks more handsome?