Juan Valentin says that Vicente Fernandez ruined his career

Vicente Fernandez is one of the most important singers in the history of regional Mexican music, and although his death filled the industry with mourning, the truth is that now more than ever it has been difficult to forget, after the singer Juan Valentín accused him of having ruined his career.

And it is that the famous ‘Charro from Huentitan’ He is considered the greatest of all time, but that was not enough to stop the harsh words of Valentín, who did not hesitate to attack the deceased, assuring that he had boycotted his career as a singer.

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It was through an interview to TV and novels what John Valentine He took advantage of the cameras to talk about his career as a singer of ranchera music and how he stopped succeeding in the industry, directly blaming Vicente Fernández for that.

It is well known that the father of Alexander Fernandez He reigned in the palenques of all Mexico, every time he appeared, the places were packed and the businessmen did everything to fulfill the whims of the singer with whom they would get good money thanks to his concerts.

On the other hand, there is Juan Valentín, who also launched himself to be an artist in the 1970s, however, he decided to give the interview to talk about Chente and although he regretted that he is no longer alive, he assured that at that time he did everything so that singers with him would not have work.

Valentín mentions that he had to make his career in the United States because in Mexico the managers of the record company told him that he was practically banned, because if they removed the album, Chente would leave the record company.

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“It was very difficult, despite the fact that they always recognized my talent for singing, I already have a 55-year career. My voice is a very different style, but even so I was out of all the scenarios, of all the media”expressed the musician from Guadalajara, Jalisco.

The singer said that his music was successful, but he was not called, even on one occasion he won a contest with Raúl Velasco, with Verónica Castro, but it did not go beyond that. However, he assured that he bears a grudge against anyone in the Fernández family, even recognizing the voice and professionalism of Alejandro Fernández in the music industry.

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