Juan Víctor shows solidarity with Andrea San Martín after the loss of a baby: “prompt recovery” | SHOWS

Juan Víctor, former partner of Andrea San Martinsympathized with her after the model announced that she had lost the baby she was expecting with her boyfriend Sebastián Lizarzaburu.

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The young man spoke after several followers complained about the content of a story on his Instagram, as they interpreted that he sent a message as a mockery.

They start to jump. Believing that because of a story that I post 7 hours before a statement from whom they see as a guide. People, it’s delicate. It saddens me a lot, although I do not agree with many things that may happen around me. As I told you, speedy recovery”, clarified Juan Víctor on his Instagram.

People are honestly burned. Again, neither I nor anyone in my family would make fun of it. Well, they come to insult and offend me and they report me. For a week I can’t answer because this app blocks me”, he added.

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Andrea San Martin is in poor health. Sebastián Lizarzaburu’s sentimental partner made a statement to inform public opinion that she lost the baby she was expecting.

In her extensive message, the former collaborator of the program “La banda del Chino” pointed out that she had a hysterectomy and will not be able to have any more babies. She lost a lot of blood in the operation.

“To public opinion, we see ourselves in the need to transmit sad and unfortunate news that we have been going through as a family. On Tuesday (June 7) I entered the clinic for an emergency. They operated on me for an ectopic pregnancy on a previous caesarean scar, for which an intervention called hysterectomy (uterus removal) was performed where I lost so much blood that they had to transfuse 2 packages of globular (blood) and I am still in a state of health critical and in a recovery under observation”he explained.


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