Julia López, former model of “Domingo para todos”, relives emotional memories of the show

The beautiful presenter Julia López, who now lives in the United States, recalled her time on the game show and moved her more than 38,000 fans on Instagram.

Her charisma, professionalism, and her dimples on her cheeks made Julia Elena López Molina one of the most beloved presenters by Salvadorans, who enjoyed “Sunday for All” between 2007 and 2016.

Julia shared her time on the small screen with the now influencer Caro Sandoval, among other well-remembered faces on national television.

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Through her Instagram profile, López likes to remember her time on the show and share a little about her life in California, United States, where she graduated as a doctor of dental surgery.

A few days ago, he posted a compilation of photos, where he can be seen on the set of the Salvadoran show. “Memories are photographs taken by the heart,” she wrote next to the gallery.

His followers did not take long to react, who brought to mind his participation in “Sunday for all”, some even dared to say that it was his platonic love and that they always remember his famous camanances.

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“Excellent memories 🎊 😊 🌹”, “I definitely still miss you Julia ❤❤❤”, “😍beautiful I miss those camanances”, “Very beautiful memories. Always the beauty on Sunday for everyone, greetings Julita”, “❤Pretty woman❤”, “You were the most beautiful in the program 😍❤”, “Greetings, I always watched the program for you and Karo”, are some of the messages that They expressed it in the comment box.