Julia Mengolini exploded in front of the camera and insulted Ángel de Brito and his panelists without a filter

This Thursday on a LAM mobile (America), Julia Mengolini exploded against Ángel de Brito and his panelists whom he treated as sons of p… Immediately afterwards, the driver of the cycle and his “little angels” took care of their colleague.

Before making known the strong words of Julia Mengolini towards Ángel de Brito and his team, in the program they showed a fragment of his radio column in Futurock in which the journalist destroyed Pampita. “They always give us material, now the second season of the reality show has premiered at Paramount. As a subscribing viewer, I say: ‘may something happen to him’. Not something horrible, but something that makes the episodes more bearable. They want to create a conflict that does not exist“, he slipped at one point.