Julia Roberts: what mother is she to her three children?

American actress Julia Roberts, who has always favored her family life before her career, confided in her role as a mother on the occasion of her return to the screens with the mini-series “Gaslit”, this Sunday 24 april, and the movie Ticket to Paradise, next October.

On the poster of the mini-series, “Gaslit”, which relates the Watergate scandal and will be put online this Sunday, April 24 on StarzPlay and on certain Canal offers, Julia Roberts confided in her role as a mother at the New York Times, on April 15. Mother of three children, whom she had with the director of photography Daniel Moder, she is thus making her comeback on the film sets. Absent from the big screen for a long time, Julia Roberts has always wanted to focus on her family life. “I also had three children in the last 18 years. It raises the bar even higherconfided the star who had to juggle between “the working hours of [s]on husband, children’s school hours and summer holidays “. A choice that she does not regret in any way: I take great pride in being home with my family and thinking of myself as a homemaker.The star also said she was “excited” about her 17-year-old twins, Hazel and Phinnaeus, going to college, the magazine ExtraWednesday, April 13. “It’s a bit dizzying. I am completely enthusiastic for them“, confided the 54-year-old American star, before specifying: “It’s really exciting, and I haven’t had the chance to have a university experience. So to see how it’s going to turn out for them is fascinating.”

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In duet with Georges Clooney

Julia Roberts and her husband Daniel Moder are also the parents of a third child, Henry Daniel, 14 years old. The couple celebrated their 20th anniversary in July 2021 and unveiled some family photos on social networks to share their happiness. Last November, the actress had published a snapshot of her twins, when they were only babies, for their 17th birthday. Julia Roberts will also star in the romantic comedy Ticket to Paradise, directed by Ol Parker, and alongside George Clooney. The film is slated for release in October 2022. The two sidekicks will play ex-husbands, who will team up to stop their daughter from making the same mistake they think they made 25 years ago.

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