Julia Vignali reveals her unlikely habit during the filming of Télématin

Since the start of the 2021 school year, Julia Vignali and Thomas Sotto have taken over the reins of Telematin. The new duo intends to bring up the hearings which were no longer very good…. And this shocking duo gets along wonderfully. Finally, there is just one detail that greatly shocks Thomas Sotto. And U.S. too ! We will explain everything to you !

Between Julia Vignali and Thomas Sotto, the current immediately passed. However, these two personalities did not know each other at all! “I only knew her by her good reputation. But the complicity was immediate. », had revealed Thomas Sotto during an interview with our colleagues from Tele-Leisure, last August. Thomas Sotto and Julia Vignali met during an evening organized at the former presenter of the Best pastry chef. I confirm that we have finished the bottle! It ‘matched’ right away. I believe in the truth of human relationships”, indicated the friend of Léa Salamé in the columns of Tele-Leisure.

And we went back… so much better

Julia Vignali distinguished herself above all in Kindergartens. She is indeed one of the many presenters of this show. Like Agathe Lecaron, Karine Le Marchand, Daphne Bürki, Maïtena Biraben or even Sidonie Bonnec. » During Les Maternelles I said to myself that I would never have a child again, and three months after stopping, I was pregnant! My body said to me: ‘yes, if we go back’ And we went back… so much better “, entrusted Julia Vignali to the Parisian.

From 2012 to 2015, she was at the helm of the program. At the time, his companion was called Julien. And the show had a big impact on his private life. ” I thought that everyone gave birth in seventeen hours with a midwife who mounts you on the belly, that my couple was ideal. Everything shattered when I arrived here. », she continues in the pages of Parisian. And to clarify: I separated from my daughter’s father because of, or thanks to, Kindergarten, I learned to become a mother thanks to Kindergarten“.

Now, Julia Vignali lives with comedian Kad Mérad. Moreover, she recently interviewed the artist in full promotion. The two lovers were very embarrassed by this situation. Hello Damien, hello uh, there you go“, thus dropped the actor when he wanted to greet his companion. ” We could have done the show at home, that would have suited me. That way, we would have had less to get up early“, he then joked.

Julia Vignali: “He can’t believe it”

It’s a bit embarrassing and it was not easy to find the right dose“, indeed recognizes the companion of the actor in TV kids after seeing the video of the interview in question. But Julia Vignali did not want to close the doors to him. ” He came, like all artists, to promote (…) and I wanted him to be received as all artists deserve“, she says indeed. ” I didn’t want our story and our love to take precedence over the artist he is.“.

Perhaps Kad Mérad is not at all shocked by the strange habit of his darling. In any case, his colleague Thomas Sotto reacted strongly. Despite everything, the duo gets along wonderfully. “With him, I’m not afraid of anything. I learn a lot by his side. For my part, I do not think I have much to teach him. Perhaps my innate relaxation? There is a lot of complicity between us. », welcomed Julia Vignali to Tele-Leisure this Monday, April 25, 2022.

On this occasion, she dares a startling revelation: “It can’t come back that I animate Telematin in slippers. He calls me ‘lady slipper’! I keep my pumps under the table and put them back on when I have to get up or go to the sofa to interview the artists. » We could never have imagined!

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