Julian Alaphilippe victim of a serious fall: Marion Rousse gives her news thanks to a photo of their son

On April 24, Julian Alaphilippe ended up in the fray of a collective crash during the Liège-Bastogne-Liège race. His companion Marion Rousse finally gives news of the cyclists on social networks.

Life often hangs by a thread. Julian Alaphilippe is more aware than ever after having suffered a serious fall in the leading pack of the Liège-Bastogne-Liège race. On Sunday April 24, the soon to be thirty-year-old cyclist came out of the bitumen to finish at the foot of a tree. Fortunately, his comrade Romain Bardet would come to his rescue. Direction the hospital where a long series of examinations awaited him. The verdict fell after a few hours: the doctors diagnosed him with “hemopneumothorax”. What does this barbaric name mean? It is a trauma to the thorax caused by an effusion of blood and air into the pleural cavity at the level of the lungs. As a result, the victim of a hemopneumothorax often suffers from acute respiratory discomfort.

Propelled at some 80km/h, Julian Alaphilippe also broke two ribs and fractured his shoulder blade. A severe diagnosis which did not fail to worry his relatives like his fans and his colleagues. A few hours after the accident, Romain Bardet confided in The Team: “ I was very afraid for him. He was three meters down and said, ‘I can’t move, I can’t move.’ But no one was coming, it lasted forever. The cars were blocked. Four-five minutes passed… It was a shocking scene. ” From now on in convalescence, Julian Aphalippe benefits from the “best of remedies” as his companion, journalist Marion Rousse, writes in commentary on a photo showing the sport and their 10-month-old little Nino, on his Instagram account.

Julian Alaphilippe still has a long road ahead of him

Yes Marion Rousse wants to be reassuring in her message, she does not forget to thank the fans of Julian Alaphilippe for their many messages. The high-level athlete still has a long road ahead of him, which his companion implies when she specifies her program for the next few months: “rest and the rest will be there quickly. » A few weeks before the Tour de France, however, it seems unlikely to see Alaphilippe back in the saddle. A deadline that his manager keeps in mind. He also wanted to clarify things in the columns of the Belgian daily Het Nieuwsblad : “ For him to be able to take part in the Tour, his convalescence will have to go perfectly. Let’s bet that a little love, fresh water and plenty of rest will reinvigorate Julian Alaphilippe, alias Loulou for friends, faster than expected!


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