Julian Claßen & Tanja Makarić: New home: Are you emigrating?

The start of 2022 was not easy for Julian Claßen (29). In the spring, he and his wife Bibi Claßen (29), with whom he has two children Lio (4) and Emily (2), announced their relationship. The network was shocked and the rumor mill was churning. In the summer we saw the YouTube star with his new flame for the first time. Since their official love outing, Julian and Tanja Makarić (25) have been in love on all social media platforms. The couple are celebrating their new love and are now planning a spatial change.

Julian Claßen: New home for him and Tanja

The happy couple has been on cloud nine for several months. However, Julian still lives in the house he and his ex Bibi share. New girlfriend Tanja already lives with him in the large concrete villa. Now the two want to find a new home together. In her Instagram story, Tanja took her followers with her in her everyday life. At the same time, the brunette model teased: “We’re moving.” Of course, a lot of preparations have to be made, but will the couple stay in Germany?

Are Julian Classen and Tanja Makarić emigrating?

With another statement, Tanja makes her fans even more curious: “If we were to move to Spain – we would definitely learn Spanish, such a great language.” What does the 25-year-old mean by that? Maybe that’s an indication that the couple is moving into the newly built villa in Spain that Julian and Bibi commissioned together at the time.

In her Instagram story, however, Tanja clarified a short time later that she and Julian were not moving to Spain. However, she has not yet commented on where the couple is headed instead.

Julian Classen on an apartment shopping tour

Julian also boosts the rumor mill with an Instagram story. This shows three different apartment keys. However, these are not the keys to their new home, but only three condominiums that Julian bought. The 29-year-old even takes his followers along with his girlfriend Tanja to tour the apartments and shows them the very similar apartments. All three are in the final stages of renovation. If Julian just buys three apartments for rent, we can only be curious to see which magnificent property the couple will end up in in the coming weeks.