Julián Gil confesses that he was diagnosed with skin cancer: “I abused the sun”

MEXICO CITY, MEXICO.-Julián Gil confirmed this week that he was diagnosed with skin cancer and calls on everyone to take care of themselves.

“Many of you have asked me about the scar on my chest, I want to tell you that a year ago I was diagnosed with skin cancer. I hope that this video will help you to get checkups and never think that we are free from a disease. I love you! ”, she wrote in the description of the video of him.

In the clip and some photographs, the actor revealed the impressive scar left by the treatment he had to undergo.

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You can see, in one of the photos, how it all started with an operation where a doctor extracted damaged tissue until healing with at least six stitches and some bruises.

According to the famous actor, a “little mole with a little relief” caught his attention so he decided to go to a specialist who confirmed what he feared.

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“For me it was an extremely great shock to find out that I had skin cancer, like any person I never thought it would give me, we believe superheroes and that nothing is going to happen, everything is going to be fine and well the point is that It touched me and this video is to make people aware that we must take care of ourselves, “he said in his Facebook video.

In the same way, Julián assured that it was his fault, since in Puerto Rico he abused the sun. “I understand that (the development of cancer) must have been due to too much sun, in Puerto Rico I abused the sun a lot, I wanted to be black, burnt, I was one of those who even smeared on baby oil and that’s how I put on legs to up in the sun, and well, everyone told me not to sunbathe so much, that it was going to give me skin cancer, but I thought I was a superhero and I thought it was not going to give me.