Julián Gil revealed in an interview with Yordi Rosado that he worked in a whorehouse when he was a teenager | Famous

Julián Gil experienced so many difficulties in his childhood that forced him to work since he was just a teenager and one of those jobs was in a brothel. This was revealed by the actor in an interview with Yordi Rosado.

In a sincere conversation, the interpreter talked about practically all aspects of his life: from his childhood, his rise to fame and more current moments.

Although today he is recognized by soap operas such as ‘For loving without law’, the first years of his life were not easy at all.

As he related, his family was very humble and both of his parents were alcoholics. When she was just 9 years old, she left her native Argentina with her mother and sisters to seek better opportunities in Venezuela.

However, his life changed again after a visit to an aunt in Puerto Rico. Because her mother’s sister had suffered a brain tumor, they decided to stay to take care of her and support her financially, so the actor was forced to work in practically anything to get ahead.

Julián Gil did all kinds of jobs before he was famous

Due to the precarious situation in which the family of the now actor was, he had to start working when he was just a teenager. In fact, from a young age he has had more than one job. As he told Yordi Rosado, they initially hired him as a dishwasher, valet parking and even in the cleaning area of ​​a brothel.

The also television host recalled that in front of his home there was a restaurant and, above it, a whorehouse. Because he was “always looking for a way to work,” he did not hesitate to take two shifts at the site.

At that time, Julián Gil’s days began at 7 in the morning, at which time he would go to the whorehouse to clean “the sheets, the beds, the bathrooms, pick up condoms… that is, everything…”. He finished these tasks between 4 and 5 hours, after which he left for his next shift.

However, the soap opera heartthrob did not last long in that job, because, after two weeks, his mother knew what he was doing and asked him to leave it:

“Mom when she found out she told me ‘no, no’, she got very angry, ‘do any kind of work, all work is honest, but I don’t like that'”

Although his mother did not explain the reason for his request at the time, Julián Gil commented that “I later drew conclusions that I imagine is not a place for (a young man) 15 years old.”

After he left that job, he dedicated himself to parking cars, but continued his career at the restaurant.

Although he started in the cleaning area, Julián Gil prospered and rose to the point of becoming a chef and even studying gastronomy.

“I went from dishwasher to kitchen assistant, from kitchen assistant to chef, then I studied as a chef… That is why I have restaurants and you will always see that I love cooking very much.”

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