Julián Gil revealed why he separated from Marjorie de Sousa

The actor, who even gave the Venezuelan an engagement ring, revealed that the relationship ended because something happened that he could not tolerate.

Until now, the separation between Julián Gil and Marjorie de Sousa had been one of the great unknowns of the show. Above all because of the abrupt way in which the events occurred; at a time when the couple was supposed to be ready to take the big step, after the arrival of his son Matías.

The 51-year-old Argentine recently revealed the reason why his relationship with the 42-year-old Venezuelan came to an end even though he had given her an engagement ring.

After several comings and goings, the couple had decided to resume the relationship and in that meeting Marjorie became pregnant.

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“A bucket of cold water fell on me, right? And after that we sat down at the table to find out how we would resolve the situation, ”Julián said regarding the news that he would be a father again.

The couple was so good that Julián admitted during the interview with Jordi Rosado that he was willing to start a family with Marjorie even though they did not spend as much time together due to their busy work schedules.

Despite this, Gil said that they were coping very well until Marjorie’s mother came to live with them.

The awkwardness went beyond not liking each other. According to the Argentine, his ex-mother-in-law had serious problems with alcohol. A situation that Gil did not intend to tolerate, since as a child he had to suffer from his parents’ alcoholism.

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Julián assures that all this caused anxiety attacks, so he decided to talk to Marjorie to propose a solution.

He also pointed out that the Venezuelan’s mother did not allow her to be near her son Matías. Because of that, he suggested to Marjorie that her mother go live somewhere nearby and that someone take care of her; she also gave him the option of her living in her apartment which was also close to them so they could visit her daily.

As a last option, he suggested to the actress that her mother go live with her brother, but she did not accept. She, on the other hand, reacted very upset and told the actor “If you leave, I will understand that you abandoned us.”

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This is how the love story between the actors came to an end. Hours after the actor left the house, he received notification from the lawyer about the lawsuit for abandonment of home that Marjorie filed.

The legal battle between Julián and Marjorie was intense, since then the actor cannot get close to his son Matías. As a result, the actor lost parental authority over his little one and only hopes that eventually an agreement will be reached.