Julián Gil reveals to Yordi Rosado that he left Marjorie de Sousa due to his mother’s alcoholism

Mexico.- Julian Gil is the most recent actor that from the room of Yordi Rosadorevealed a very important passage in his life, when he ended his relationship with Marjorie deSousathe mother of his son, because her mother-in-law had problems with alcohol.

soap opera actor “What’s wrong with my family?” narrated in the program Youtube How did you start your relationship with the also actress of Televisasince they were very good friends, until one night of ‘drinks’ they became pregnant with Matthiastheir separation and the conflict over the custody of the child.

Julián Gil and Marjorie de Sousa were doing very well in their sentimental relationship, he even gave her the engagement ring to marry and start a family with Matías, however, the problems came when her mother-in-law went to live with them.

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According to the interview, Marjorie de Sousa’s mother has serious problems with alcohol, which removed the traumas of the actor’s childhood, as his parents suffered from this addiction.

Before fully broaching the subject of Marjorie, Julián remembered when he was a child and he saw his parents get drunk from 10 in the morning.

“It was a very aggressive disease, I remember seeing them from 10, 11 in the morning drinking and already drunk, it was very hard above all to see that they wanted to get out of it, I saw them both fight to stop drinking and they couldn’t” , he remembered.

Julián Gil was interviewed by Yordi Rosado for his YouTube channel./ Photo: Instagram

The actor said that he and his family tried to enter his mother to Alcoholics AnonymousHowever, she was unable to overcome the addiction.

“In the case of mom, we took her to Alcoholics Anonymous but she was never able to get rid of alcohol and for me, in my childhood, I suffered a lot seeing her always drunk. I don’t drink, I drink casually because she reminds me a lot of them, it’s very hard for me, ”she emphasized.

Julián burst into tears remembering that his mother, despite her alcoholism, struggled to give him love and fight the disease.

“I have a little bit of resentment towards alcohol, anger, it’s a very important mixture of feelings,” he explained.

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Mother-in-law stands between Julián Gil and Marjorie de Sousa

According to the actor’s version, he was willing to start a family with Marjorie, despite the fact that his son was more of a one-night stand, but his mother-in-law, Mrs. Gloria Rivasended up destroying that relationship.

When Matías was born at the end of January 2017, his mother-in-law was already living with them and since he has a serious problem with alcoholism, it was very hard for him to relive his childhood.

“It is said a lot that I abandoned her and that I did not want to take responsibility… I do not want to blame anyone but sometimes I take responsibility for my traumas as a child, as I said I had alcoholic parents. Once Marjorie, I, her puppy and her mother, her mother has a very serious alcohol problem, that conviction turned into torture for me, until that moment Marjorie and I had never argued”, detailed.

Marjorie de Sousa and little Matías, the son of Julián Gil./ Photo: Instagram

Later, her mother-in-law began to deny the child, until Julián proposed three solutions to Marjorie to mediate the situation, but she did not accept any of them.

“When the baby was about a month old, the lady wouldn’t let me get close to the child, she wouldn’t let me touch him, she wouldn’t let me… there are very internal things that I want to keep to myself… These are things that I’m going to tell my son.”

“I sit down with her and I tell her, she knows the problems I have from childhood and I tell her: ‘Marjorie I can’t be here because it affects me, I’m having anxiety attacks and I can’t live with your mom. I love Mati, I love you very much, I am willing to move forward with this relationship but I do not have to submit to this once again in my life unnecessarily.

“I am going to give you 3 options: one is that I go to my house that I live 10 blocks from here and I come every day until you solve your problem with your mother. Two I rent a house here two blocks away for your mother we put someone to take care of her and I stay here and three, we send your mother back with your brother’. And she tells me: ‘no, my mother is not leaving this house, you have two options or you stay or you leave and if you leave I will understand that you abandoned us,'” she assured.

After this drastic decision, less than a week later, Julián was summoned by Marjorie’s lawyer to demand 320 thousand pesos of pension and everything she asked for, then he contacted his own lawyer and since then they have never been able to agree, even the actor cannot see his son.

Marjorie de Sousa and her mother Gloria Rivas./ Photo: Google

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