Julián Gil was diagnosed with skin cancer and that’s how he faced it

Julián Gil recommends the use of sunscreens.

Julian Gil He is completely out of danger, but this week he revealed that he has long faced the fight against skin cancer.

A scar and the desire to put the issue on the table so that other people are aware of a similar situation, led the actor to uncover his battle against cancer for the first time.

“The reason for publishing it and mentioning it now is to make people aware of skin cancer; about sun prevention, the use of sunscreen. And, above all, because many people told me, when I publish, why I had a scar and never said anything.

In interview with People in spanish, Julián Gil told how his battle against cancer was, which he found out he had when he was recording the soap opera ‘What’s wrong with my family?’

“One of the makeup girls told me that she had seen a little hole in her hair. I go to the doctor, who sends me to a dermatologist oncologist. The doctor tells me ‘what you have is due to COVID, since one of its consequences is alopecia. But since you’re here let me check you out.’ I told him ‘I have a welt on my chest, like a little place that has been itching for a long time and, sometimes, it hurts a little’. She did a biopsy on me and after ten days she called me to tell me that it was cancer and that she had to operate on it because she could get water.”

The actor recalled: “I had surgery; after that, [siguió] healing and recovery. The instructions are that every six months I have to be checking myself and that any type of little spot or wilt that I notice strange in my body. But I feel good and happy. The fact of being calm now, because a year has already passed.”