Julián Román said that his father Edgardo Román received a pension after his death

A video was released through social networks in which several actors and artists joined Gustavo Petro’s presidential campaign. Among them are Fabio Rubiano, Carolina Ramírez, Carmenza Gómez, Marcela Valencia and Julián Román.

Precisely, it was the latter who revealed in the video a personal situation that his father, also an actor, Edgardo Román, had to experience.

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Julián, who has been strongly criticized for his political views, said that one day after his father died, On January 8, his pension came out.

“Can you believe that my dad, the day he died… the next day he got his pension?” Was the actor’s phrase.

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In the middle of the conversation with the other artists, actor Fabio Rubiano he also brought up the subject of his pension.

“I am going to complete 40 years of work and I am not going to have a pension. In three years I am going to ask for my talk, whatever is out there, which will be enough to put on another play,” said the famous director, laughing. To which Román replied: “Or to pay the previous one.”

The situation became so viral that even the senator of the Historical Pact, Gustavo Bolívar, referred to the issue and described it as “something painful” and that it is a “fucking reality”.