Julie Andrieu: Rare secrets about her life with her children Hadrien and Gaïa

Famous among lovers of gastronomy, Julie Andrieu is rather discreet about his personal life. At the controls of the cooking show Julie’s Notebooks, she is also known for having been the muse of Jean-Marie Périer, a great photographer 33 years older than her. A former companion from whom she is well and truly separated but with whom she still lives. After this story, Julie Andrieu married neurosurgeon Stéphane Delajoux in August 2010 and started a family with him. Thus becoming the mother of Hadrien in October 2012 and Gaïa in December 2015. Invited in Telematin (France 2), this Thursday, April 21, she made rare secrets about their daily lives.

Hadrian and Gaïa’s mother notably discussed with Julia Vignali and Thomas Sotto what they eat at home. Admitting that she tries to prep ahead when she’s not there” clike all mothers“. Are this cooking star’s children allowed to eat junk food?”I forbid nothing to my childrensaid Julie Andrieu. If one day they tell me that they absolutely want to eat a hamburger. I make burgers, I make bread, we make a lot of pizzas at home, I make pizza dough.And she even cooks in their classroom.

Requested by her children’s school

Indeed, Julie Andrieu admits to being often asked by the teacher to come and do cooking workshops at school. “Sometimes I even do it in the children’s classroomthe mistress asks me regularly to come and do cooking workshops“, she said in Telematin. But do you need to be a good cook to be a good mom? The one who was raised by Nicole Courcel without a dad wants to be reassuring. “You can be a good mom without cooking, I assure you, that was the case with mine.“, she confides. Phew.

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