Julie Snyder is launching a range of food products and the packaging is superb

We learned firsthand that Julie Snyder is launching a vegan/vegetarian line of food products this week.

It includes three Tofu spreads (with Turmeric, lime and tomatoes), three spaghetti sauces (Vegan Bolognese, Tofu and vegetarian with ricotta and lime), one olive oil, three vinaigrettes (Caesar , white balsamic and sesame) as well as peanut butter and almond butter.

See some of his products in the image at the bottom of the article.

Me, my secret to having my healthy weight is that I eat everything I want, but I eat a lot of protein she tells us. “ It’s always my protein to sugar ratio in what I eat that matters. I eat ice cream, I drink wine, I eat chips, like everyone else, but I balance it out with a high amount of protein. I wanted to give away my stuff. If you buy my line, you’ll get less sugar, more protein, and it’s either vegetarian or vegan. »

The superb packaging was created by Joanne Lefebvre of the Paprika agency. “ It is she who makes all the books by Jean-Paul Gauthier, all the beautiful books of the Museum of Fine Arts. She really is a great graphic designer. says Julie Snyder, who adds that she surrounded herself with women for this project, including Amélie Léger from Delights of yesteryearwho became one of his two associates.

Julie Snyder is proud to say that her products are 100% made in Quebec. It works in particular with the Marcello farms, ” 30-year-olds from Gatineau “.

Range Julie will be on Quebec Metro shelves this March 24. The businesswoman says she wants to launch other products in the coming months, including chocolate.

Note that Julie Snyder has been a vegetarian since 1991.

Let us recall that during our meeting with this one, she gave us some good news. More so, she told us about his new dating relationship.

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