Julien Clerc and France Gall in love: a rare photo of their couple unveiled

Memories memories. On his Instagram account, photographer Jean-Marie Périer published an unpublished image of the couple formed by singers Julien Clerc and France Gall, in the 1970s. Nostalgia guaranteed.

Their story is ended a long time ago but the love between Julien Clerc and France Gall remained immortalized in a superb shot, shared this Monday, May 16 on the photographer’s instagram account Jean-Marie Perier. The two artists appear there entwined, in front of a carpet merchant in a Moroccan medina. The colors are warm and the former lovers are very young. “My God, this is an image that seems very distant to me. How many lives have there been since?” wonders in legend the author of the photo, who now presents his works in nursing homes.

It is in 1970 that France Gall met Julien Clercthen featured in the musical Hate. The young singer was then only 23 years old and was still struggling to recover from his intense relationship with the stars Claude Francoisfrom 1964 to 1967. Later described as “sickly jealous” by his companions, the interpreter of Magnolias For Ever, married at the time of their story, made him live a real hell. Separated on bad terms, the ex-couple find themselves on television to sing As per usual in 1973.

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When France Gall left Julien Clerc for Michael Berger

Thanks to her meeting with Julien Clerc, the same age as her, France Gall lives again and proudly displays herself in the arms of her man, to whom she becomes engaged, for four years. Their romance ended in 1974when the young woman falls under the spell of the man who will become his great love and father of her two childrenMichael Berger. With him, her life and her career took a new turn. A renowned composer, pianist and performer, Michel Berger writes and sets many songs to music for his beloved: The declaration of love, Yes mom Yes, He played the piano standing up or resist, Ella, she has it, come on, I’ll take you and Obviously. Still today, these songs remain cult and occupy a special place in the French variety.

On his side, Julien Clerc is struggling to recover from this breakupto which he testifies with an open heart in 2021, during the promotion of his new album, Happy Days. “It was a very, very hard separation for me. In times like these, I may feel like sacrificing everything”, he then confided.

Since this tender photograph shared by Jean-Marie Périer, whose precise date we do not know, times have indeed changed a lot. Which did not prevent Julien Clerc from paying a touching tribute to his first love when he announced his death on January 7, 2018: “France, we were 20 years old, happiness, sorrows. A part of my life goes with you. Julian”.

Photo credits: Yves LE ROUX / Getty Images

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