Julien Clerc surprises a school director on the day of his retirement

The singer made a nice surprise to the director of a school in Vincennes, the day of his retirement.

“Mademoiselle who taught me reading and poetry”… Bouquet of flowers and microphone in hand, Julien Clerc made a nice surprise to the director of a school in Vincennes, on the day of his retirement . He came to perform his recent song Missto the applause of the children.

“Madame Béguignot was director of the Jean Monnet school in Vincennes. To celebrate her retirement, a nice surprise was reserved for this “Mademoiselle” who taught them ‘Reading and poetry, the pretty fables of La Fontaine’ “, wrote the team of Julien Clerc on Twitter, in caption of a video of the meeting.

Missa song co-written with Didier Barbelivien, in tribute to teachers, was released last February.

“These are the words of Didier Barbelivien, who speak of these people to whom we owe everything. Because these are the people who bring us back into life. It’s a song about teachers”, launched Julien Clerc in March 2021, before performing this song on the set of Europe 1.

Julien Clerc’s latest album, Happy Dayspeppered with covers such as Mon manège à moi or La Valse à mille temps, was released in November 2021.

Source- https://www.bfmtv.com/people/musique/julien-clerc-surprend-une-directrice-d-ecole-le-jour-de-son-depart-a-la-retraite_AN-202207080230.html