Julien Doré: He goes into hilarious improvisation during a technical breakdown in the middle of a concert!

This year, the public was able to find Julien Doré on this stage with a brand new show entitled the Aimee Tour. Renowned for his incredible stage presence, the artist managed to surprise his fans again, with an incredible and unexpected show. The public was left speechless in front of an immersive show. And yes, Julien Doré loves the stage, he does not just sing, he offers a real colorful show to his fans. But the artist is also renowned for his humor and his self-mockery. That’s why, even when things don’t go as planned on stage, Julien knows how to turn the situation around and attract the positive! So, when a technical breakdown interrupts his concert, the singer finds something to amuse his audience while waiting for repairs. We tell you more!

Julien Doré, a future career in humor?

During his tour with his show, the Aimee Tour, Julien had to deal with a major technical breakdown during his concert. Imperturbable, the artist immediately knew how to play with the situation. On stage, as at home, he has fun: ” In fact if I explained to you what’s going on, beyond the fact that, well, we’re not going to lie to each other, it’s starting to float, huh… It’s always like that in life, you always have to add a little shit moreover, otherwise it’s not funny! » . And from there, the show goes into a frenzy!

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On the scene, Julian continues: ” If I told you what I was told, then I don’t know anything about it technically, but in fact, I drew the parallel with my life in the Cévennes. Uh, in fact I’ve been waiting for the fiber for quite a few years. I’m on 3G up there. It’s all true eh, I’m telling you about my life but it’s the truth. And then someone just said to me: “Julien, in fact we broke the fiber between here and there”. So good, I say “Call Bouygues, well I don’t know, do something” (…) So in fact, we are changing the fiber between here and there, and they are doing it between now and later » . A humor and a distance from the situation that made the public wait, we love it!

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