Julien Doré’s warning about fake celebrity profiles on the internet

“Attention”, legend its publication Julien Doré.

This Wednesday, March 23, the singer posted a screenshot of an exchange with a fake profile of… himself. We see his false namesake asking him since when he has known him and being gently tricked by the real Julien Doré who sends him a tough selfie to prove his identity to him. A humorous way (as usual for the interpreter of Coco Câline) to denounce a much more recurrent phenomenon than we think: identity theft, or “catfishing” in English … Generally made by a fan or by a disrespectful person whose goal is to claim money.

To explain this publication, Julien Doré writes these few lines: “Friends, I’ll tell you again here: beware of the many fake profiles that contact you on Insta & Facebook (usually in response to your comments) and always end up asking you for money (on Whatsapp etc)”. We have been warned.

On Instagram in particular, it is quite easy to spot fake accounts from real ones. Real ones are signified with a small blue “V” which signifies that the identity has been verified. Nicknames on fake accounts often include words other than just the celebrity’s name.

Source- https://www.rtl.be/people/potins/la-mise-en-garde-de-julien-dore-a-propos-des-faux-profils-de-celebrites-sur-internet-1365734.aspx