Julien Lacroix resurfaces and shares a photo with his baby

It has been more than six months since we heard from Julien Lacroix.

At that time, thecomedian was trying to come back to the fore by offering an in-depth interview to the To have to, release which received mixed reactions.

Now he resurfaces by sharing on his social networks a photo in which we see him with his son, now one year old. He addresses her with tender words.

He writes : ” Little guy is one year old.

Hello my heart of life,

We knew you would come. You stayed in our plans despite the hurricane.

Thank you for being healthy and so smiling.

Thank you for reminding me what life is through your childish eyes. Sometimes we complicate things and make things bigger.

Thank you for reminding me that dark thoughts are no longer an option.

Thank you for being so pure.

Thanks for your scent.

Thank you for reminding me that wisdom is waiting in silence instead of screaming forward.

Thank you for creating a lifelong bond with the best mom on earth. It’s worth more than all the promises in the world.

Thank you both for the love. We too often forget that loving badly is as dangerous as indifference.

Life is what we do between birth and death. I decided that I would be there for you.

I love you, thank you for existing. »

See the full post below.

Remember that he retired from public life after being the subject of allegations of sexual misconduct. His ex-spouse, Geneviève Morin, had published a powerful post to this effect. in the Urbania.

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