Julieta Venegas meets her goal of playing in CDMX – El Sol de México

Julieta Venegas had been longing to play in Mexico City for a long time, she confirmed it tonight when she finally achieved this goal, when she performed at the Teatro Metropólitan.

His show began with songs like “”, “Good and bad” and “Something that is changing”. Between song and song, she briefly shared a bit of the inspiration she had to write each of her songs, and shared some anecdotes with her audience, such as the case of “Ese camino”.

“It is important to maintain a certain freshness in the look with which we see the world. In a certain way you have to keep a little bit open to surprise us with the things that happen in life,” he said.

Julieta took a break to thank the congratulations that they sent her a few days ago: “It was our birthday, my twin and I turned x many years old. Thank you for all the love you sent us.” To continue the festivities, the public began to sing “Las mañanitas” to him.

The artist took her accordion, her guitar and her ukulele to interpret songs like “Lento”, one of the favorites of the public, “Despedida”, “Ilusión”, “I found you”, “Despechada mexicana” and “Andar conmigo”.

Before “Walking alone” she reflected on the difficulties of being a woman, and how alarming it is for them to have normalized going out into the street afraid of not returning home.

“I try to reflect on the fact that we take for granted that we should be afraid, of what it is like to live in a woman’s body, and tell your friend let me know when you get home because of the fear it gives. It is not normal for them to disappear so many women, it is not normal to live like this”.

Julieta paid tribute to José Alfredo Jiménez with “Sing, sing”. “Whenever I sing this song outside of Mexico, he taught them the chorus, because they don’t know it,” she joked.

She tried to sing a fragment, but seeing that the public did not follow her, she exclaimed disappointed “Where am I? Am I in Mexico?” Noticing this, those present took a deep breath and sang at the top of their lungs along with her.

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The repertoire continued with “Despechada mexicana” and “Mis muertos”, the xyakea gave way to the final block, made up of their greatest hits: a fragment of “Sorry baby”, “You are for me”, “Walk with me”, ” I’m leaving” and “The present”.

Julieta said goodbye, with the promise of meeting her fans again at the Ceremony Festival, and left for two “encores”, made up of “Mujeres”, “Limón y sal” and “Oleada”.