Julio César Chávez breaks the silence about his most difficult fight

In the course of his long sports career, Julio Cesar Chavez He starred in iconic moments in the world of boxing, which led him to become one of the best Mexican boxers to this day, recognized for his powerful punch, his forceful hook to the liver, the incessant harassment of his opponents, in addition to having an extremely strong jaw.

Although he was undefeated in most of his fights, the ‘Great Mexican Champion’ He was honest before his audience and announced that there was a battle that made him feel that he could no longer give more, as he pointed out that he was about to faint above the ring.

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In an interview for TUDN, the famous boxer from Sinaloa revealed that the most complicated fight in his career was in 1990, when he faced meldrick tayloran American boxer who carried the championship of the International Boxing Federation (IBF).

According to the Mexican boxing legend, the fight he had against the Olympic medalist was the most difficult in his entire sports career, Well, despite the fact that his opponent was much faster and stronger than him, he managed to withstand each of his goals until round 12.

“That moment marked my career, it marked everything because it was the most difficult fight of my career, he was the greatest fighter I faced, the best, fastest, strongest, he had everything a boxer wanted to have. It was the hardest, the hardest of my career, It is the only fight where I have felt death, horrible”, said the Caesar of Boxing.

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Although Julio César Chávez was the one who had the unconditional support of the public during the battle, he confessed that he was afraid of losing his undefeated record, especially since he was already beginning to lose consciousness, but thanks to the words of encouragement that his coach gave him, he managed take the victory at the end of the night.

“Me I made a superhuman effort in each round, I watched the fight that was dragging on. I reached the tenth round, I reach the corner and I lose track; That twelfth round arrives where Buffalo (his trainer) tells me: ‘Do it for your family, we can still knock it out‘”, recalled the boxer born in Culiacán.

“I wanted the bell to ring because I felt like I was going to pass out, I was hopeless, I wanted to pass out, I wanted to vomit; If I had vomited I wouldn’t be with you, I would have had a stroke and maybe I wouldn’t have told it,” he added.

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