Julio Chavezmontes celebrates that the tape ‘The Triangle of Sadness’ goes for the Oscar

Mexico.- to the nomination of Guillermo del Toro, Alejandro González Iñárritu Y Alfonso Cuaron of the Hollywood Academy Awardsthe Mexican also joins Julio Chavezmonteswho produced the tape “The Triangle of Sadness” what goes for him Oscar Award for Best Film.

Julio Chavezmontes says he is happy that the movie “El triángulo de la tristeza” is going for the Oscar. already got the palm d’or in it cannes film festival.

The three nominations that “El Triángulo de la Tristeza” holds were celebrated in a big way by the Mexican Julio Chavezmontes, its executive producer.

History aspires to win as Best film, director Y Original screenplay (the last two, for the director Ruben Östlund), although it did not manage to appear in the category Supporting Actress (Dolly De Leon).

It was a wonderful surprise (the director’s nomination). I prefer to reserve myself, the job of producer comes to me, think about contingencies, and I don’t take anything for granted. If one starts reading and says: ‘you already put it together’, that’s all right,” Julio Chavezmontes said in an interview.

For Julio Chavezmontes, the nominations that the film accumulated are a source of pride. Photo: Special.

And what a pity that (Dolly) is not here, it would have been nice to see her work recognized. What he does in the film is formidable, also, also, because it seems to me that Ruben is an extraordinary director of actors. He is an extraordinary director, period, but what he does with the actors is amazing, and I think it would have been cool to see someone from the cast, recognized, ”adds the producer of films like ‘Annette’ and ‘Malintzin 17’ .

When does ‘The Triangle of Sadness’ premiere in theaters in Mexico?

The movie hits theaters Mexico on February 16, it mixes drama, comedy and parody. won the Palme d’Or in Cannes in 2022 and received an eight-minute standing ovation during its premiere.

What is ‘The Triangle of Sadness’ about?

The plot shows an influencer with her partner on a luxury cruise ship, and they gradually interweave stories with other crew members, exhibiting human miseries and a distorted reality about survival.

I hope that the media impact that the Oscar has (benefits) and I hope that people discover it. It’s great for us and I hope it will help many people to be interested in seeing it in the cinema,” commented Julio Chavezmontes.

The also director of Memoria (2021) recalled that he met the Swedish director, writer and producer at the Sundance Film Festival of 2018, when, along with sebastian hofmanncame to present Shared time.

Then Chavezmontes worked as a co-producer, with erik hemmendorfffrom the film Bergman’s Island and professional realization crystallized, for which they were invited to make The Triangle of Sadness.

There was a lot of harmony and relationship, and they invite us to be part of the team and we do. We went in when the movie was in development. We help to consolidate the financial scheme”.

The film opens in February in Mexico. Photo: Special.

I did not go to the filming because filming begins at the beginning of 2020 and is suspended due to the pandemic. When it resumes (September), the first time you can, it was very difficult to travel, there were many contingencies, but everything went wonderfully, ”he explained.