Julio Iglesias Jr. is criticized for the unusual way of introducing his new girlfriend | People | Entertainment

Julio Iglesias Jr. introduced his new girlfriend Vivi Di Domenico, a Brazilian model whom the artist already refers to as the woman of his life. The singer’s new partner was presented at a ceremony of the famous Ghost jewelry firm.

During his time on the red carpet, Iglesias was accompanied by a person dressed in a silver ghost costume. “Well, let’s uncover the ghost”said Julio Iglesias Jr. before removing the glittery sheet from vivi di domenicowho was happy with said public presentation before the attendees of the event.

The video immediately went viral on social networks and had several negative responses and reactions, considering it humiliating and unpleasant. Other users considered that the son of Julio Iglesias mocked the young woman with this act that they describe as sexist and out of place.

Before the comments, The model defended her boyfriend on her Instagram account.

“Is it okay with you to judge me at 33 years of life without knowing anything about my past and based on a 15 second video without knowing what the event was really about? If your answer is ‘yes’, I hope you look inside your heart and see what are the real ghosts that torment you. Blessings to all and much love,” Di Domenico commented in an Instagram story.

The Ghost Jewelry Event intended to be an extension of the signature message who intends to “uncover emotions” with his new jewels. The organizers insist that Iglesias never tried to scandalize or put his girlfriend in an awkward situation. (AND)