Julión Álvarez confessed what his greatest fear in life is

Although the Mexican regional music singer, Julian Alvarez, has gone through difficult times in recent years being accused of having links to organized crime, he was finally able to put that behind him after coming off the US blacklist, which gave him the opportunity to return to the US market with more strength than ever.

The interpreter of ‘The color of your eyes’ has continued with his artistic career despite the obstacles he has had to face since then, and in a recent interview decided to open up to his audience, where he explained how he has been able to overcome each of his misadventures.

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During an intimate talk with Juan Soler for the program ‘Sale el Sol’, the renowned artist from Chiapas decided to speak with his heart in his hand and revealed what one of his biggest fears in life so far is to suffer death of a loved one.

Death and not exactly from a server, of my close ones, of my family, of loved ones. I am afraid of that. I have never been touched by someone very close to me like this in the family, so I am very afraid of that, not afraid, very afraid, very afraid, ”explained the coach of ‘La Voz México’.

Likewise, Julión Álvarez pointed out that one of his main dreams is to share her life with her daughters, whom she wants to prepare to enjoy their day-to-day life without worries: “(I want) see them grow, see them enjoy, succeed and to be able to teach them to enjoy life, hey. It’s something I want to mention, some say: ‘Oh, I enjoy life’, no, no, really enjoy and know how to live, which is very different”.

As if that were not enough, the famous singer born in Chiapasmentioned that despite the constant difficulties he has had to live in recent years, he has managed to get ahead thanks to his faith in Godwho has apparently never left his hand.

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“I consider myself a man of faith and I believe in a God and I can tell you that God squeezes, but does not hang, so, go ahead, you have to learn to live with what you play, how you play and forwardAlvarez noted.

In closing, the Box Office King explained how he tries to return all the love and affection to his devoted fans, who have supported him unconditionally since he began his career in the music industry.

“Oh, we give ourselves (the singers) totally, listen: soul, heart and life. Being on stage for Julión Álvarez and his Norteño Banda is the only way to thank them for so much support.so much love and the fact that they allow us to do what we like and what we really enjoy doing”, he clarified.

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