Jungle camp 2022: Lucas Cordalis after shock off

Shock news shortly before the start of the jungle camp: Lucas Cordalis, 54, cannot move in, the musician tested positive for Corona.

Jungle camp 2022: Lucas Cordalis is out!

Apparently, this year’s jungle camp simply has the worm in it: Not only will the show take place in South Africa instead of Australia for the first time due to the corona pandemic, but the candidates will also cause a stir even before the start of TV. After disagreements about the Christin Okpara’s vaccination status was, the reality TV participant dropped out in advance, Jasmin Herren moved up for her.

And now the next shock for the fans: Lucas Cordalis, who was one of the first jungle camp candidates since last year, cannot move into the jungle. The sad reason: Daniela Katzenberger’s husband became tested positive for the coronavirus.

Jungle camp 2022: Can Lucas Cordalis still move up?

On Instagram it says:

At the start of Season 15 of ‘I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here!’ eleven stars will move into the jungle camp. Luas Cordalis will not be among them. The singer was found to have the corona virus in a PCR test after entering South Africa.

The 54-year-old is fine he has no symptoms and is under close medical care. Whether Lucas Cordalis can move into the jungle camp at a later date is not yet certain, it is said.

Lucas Cordalis is not the only one in the family who cannot take part in a reality show as planned due to Corona. Mother-in-law Iris Klein also recently revealed that she tested positive and therefore could not take part in the filming of the upcoming “Battle of the Reality Stars” season.

Jungle camp-Aus: Lucas Cordalis speaks up

Visibly disappointed, Lucas Cordalis himself spoke to his followers online and explained:

Unfortunately, I have to make a very sad announcement. I’m really devastated, but I can’t be there when we move into the jungle camp on Friday. All candidates are tested here again and again and my last PCR test was simply positive.

In South Africa, all people with a positive PCR test would have to self-isolate for a full ten days, which is why it is unclear how things will continue for the 54-year-old. However, he promised his followers to keep them posted.

The jungle camp starts on January 21 at 9:30 p.m. on RTL and can be viewed at any time RTL+ be considered.

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