Jungle camp 2023: ex-candidate with a clear winner prognosis

Above from left: Jolina Mennen, Cosimo Citiolo, Tessa Bergmeier, Jana URKRAFT Pallaske, Papis Loveday and Verena Kerth Below from left: Lucas Cordalis, Markus Mörl, Cecilia Asoro, Claudia Effenberg, Martin Semme ...

Who will be king or queen of the jungle this year?Image: RTL

jungle camp

Christina Hildebrand

It starts again in January: The jungle camp is in its 16th round. In addition to the list of candidates and the start date, the first favorites for victory have already been determined – at least from the point of view of a former participant. Ex-jungle camper Manuel Flickinger revealed to “Mannheim24” who he wants the title of jungle king and who he trusts.

“I’m a star – get me out of here!” he thought to himself in 2019 and achieved a respectable third place. Only Eric Stehfest and winner Filip Pavlovic had to admit defeat to Manuel Flickinger. The 34-year-old is now using his experience in the TV jungle to make predictions about the successor season.

Ex-candidate: Clear favorites in the jungle

The former “Prince Charming” candidate has already given some thought to the twelve participants. Some people may think what they want about candidates such as reality star Cecilia Asoro, radio presenter Verena Kerth, dirndl designer Claudia Effenberg or “Checker vom Neckar” Cosimo Citiolo. According to Manuel Flickinger, other camp residents have chances of success in the Australian jungle.

The international top model Papis Loveday is at the forefront in terms of TV awareness. The Senegalese achieved fame through various television appearances. For example, he acted as a catwalk coach on “Germany’s next top model” or even made it to the finals on “Big Brother” as a second-place candidate. “And as the only gay in the camp who also radiates such energy, he will definitely be the undisputed winner of hearts,” speculates Manuel Flickinger.

But Flickinger also supports the message with which Papis Loveday travels to Australia. The model thinks: “There are too few black people on German television”. The 45-year-old, who has already modeled for various large fashion houses, wants to change that. He wants to represent his community and show “we are here”.

“He’s absolutely right about that,” Flickinger positions himself, “I think Papis Loveday’s message is extremely important and also very positive – he’ll definitely be on the winner’s podium.”

Jungle camp: is Lucas Cordalis following in his father’s footsteps?

Another favorite of the ex-campers is singer Lucas Cordalis, for whom the jungle camp is almost a family affair. His mother-in-law, Iris Klein, as well as her daughter Jenny Frankhauser and her stepfather Peter Klein already tried their hand in the bush.

But arguably the greatest family triumph in the jungle was his father’s participation. In 2004, singer Costa Cordalis was able to win the very first “jungle camp”. and thus set the bar very high for his son. It is precisely for this reason that Manuel Ficklinger also wishes that Lucas Cordalis will follow in his father’s footsteps. He thinks: “The son has to take the trophy home with him.”

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