Jungle camp 2023: Jana URKRAFT Pallaske talks about her Hollywood trauma

Updated on 01/24/2023 at 11:45 p.m

  • January 24: “There was constant sexual assault”: Jana Pallaske about her time in Hollywood
  • January 24: Buddy Mike Heiter reveals secret: This is Gigi’s “pearl”
  • January 24th: RTL refrains from being kicked out on day 11 – that’s the reason

More news about the jungle camp

Since January 13, 2023, around a dozen celebrities from Germany have been making the Australian jungle unsafe again. For 17 days – this time one more day – lovers of trash TV will get their money’s worth. In our live blog for this year’s jungle camp, you can stay up to date and find all the latest news about the current season: from emotional confessions to escalating quarrels to disgusting exams.

January 24: “There was constant sexual assault”: Jana Pallaske about her time in Hollywood

Night watch in the jungle usually means: time for quiet conversations and emotional confessions. On day 12 actress pours Jana URGENT Pallaske poured out her heart and reported Jolina Mennenhow she discovered her closeness to nature. “When I was in my early 20s, I had a band with my boyfriend at the time, a wild rock band. When it all fell apart, it was a collapse of many things for me – as if a circle had ended,” says the 43-year-old.

After that she made more films, including in Hollywood and Los Angeles. There, however, she was “completely traumatized,” Pallaske continued. She quickly realized that she would not sell her soul for it. “There was just constant sexual assault. It was so common, it was clearly required.” Nature then “healed” her from the bad experiences, Jana explains. “In the jungle, I took off my armor bit by bit and felt my wings spread again, how I dared to step into my female power again.” (ari)

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The other reports from the jungle camp 2023

January 24: Buddy Mike Heiter reveals the secret: This is Gigi’s “pearl”

Actually, he didn’t want to get emotional at all, but eleven days in the jungle leave a mark Gigi Birofio their tracks. The 23-year-old keeps talking about his “pearl” that he misses. “I miss her completely. I would really like to hug her now,” he admits in an interview with Cecilia. Later in the jungle phone, a few tears even roll down: “She’s the most important thing in my life at the moment. She always wants me to show more emotions.” But who is the mysterious lady – or the “little diamond”, as Gigi calls her?

Now his friend airs Mike Heiter, who accompanies him to Australia, the secret: “Dana Feist is known from various reality formats, including ‘Love Island’,” Mike told “Bild”. Gigi and Dana have dated and spent time together a few times. “Gigi told me it was good for him,” explains the 30-year-old reality TV participant. (ari)


January 24: “Giant Baby”: Cosimo is bullied in the jungle

In the jungle, on the eleventh day, some campers made their way over the “Checker vom Neckar” Cosimo Citiolo fun. Cecilia Asoroh called him a giant baby. Model Papis Loveday told Citiolo that he was “very sensitive”. “You are the very first artist I know who complains while sleeping.” Singer Lucas Cordalis described the 41-year-old as “Princess and the Pea”. “Are you a hetzer now or what’s that called?” Citiolo, who was previously known by the nickname “Checker vom Neckar”, answered him. (dpa/ari)

Worse than Kim K. and Co.?  Cosimo Citiolo in the filter madness

“Jungle Camp” star Cosimo Citiolo seems to have a penchant for filters. For this he gets a shit storm from his fans.


January 24th: RTL refrains from being kicked out on day 11 – that’s the reason

The next expulsion has been postponed in the jungle camp – all remaining nine celebrities can continue to hope for the crown. On the RTL show, nobody had to leave the camp in the episode that was broadcast on Monday evening.

The moderators Sonja Zietlow and Jan Köppen justified the waiver of being thrown out with the fact that this year one more episode of “I’m a Star – Get Me Out of Here” will be broadcast. This time the final will take place on a Sunday and not on a Saturday as usual. (dpa)


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Lucas Cordalis

Finally the time has come: The candidates for the jungle camp 2023, which starts on January 29 on RTL, are known. These celebrities will participate in “I’m a Celebrity – Get Me Out of Here!” alongside Lucas Cordalis, who couldn’t be there in 2022 due to Corona. take part.