Jungle camp candidate is not on the plane – RTL speaks up

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Twelve stars are taking part in the jungle camp again this year.Image: RTL

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Imke Gerriets

The jungle camp will start its 16th season next week. A major change was announced a few months ago. Daniel Hartwich will not moderate the show together with Sonja Zietlow as usual this year. Instead, Jan Köppen is now taking on this job.

The celebrities have already shared their impressions of the outward flight to Australia on social media. It was noticeable that, surprisingly, a candidate did not get on the plane to Down Under. RTL has now spoken out about this.

Martin Semmelrogge.  The use of the program-related material is only permitted with reference to and linking to RTL+.

Martin Semmelrogge has already worked on a number of reality shows. Image: RTL

Martin Semmelrogge has not yet started his journey to Australia

The “Bild” newspaper initially reported that Martin Semmelrogge had not started his journey as planned. According to this, he should actually have taken off from Frankfurt to Singapore on January 2 at 11:40 a.m. From there it would have gone on to Brisbane, Australia. When asked by the newspaper, the broadcaster then said: “Martin Semmelrogge’s later arrival has production-related reasons.”

According to the broadcaster, there is no reason to worry. What exactly is meant by that, or whether he still had to shoot for the show in Germany, remains unclear. Rather, the question promptly arose as to whether he might have been denied entry to Australia. As a reminder, the “Das Boot” star has been sentenced to fines and imprisonment in the past.

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Martin Semmelrogge also took part in “Club of Good Moods”.Image: SAT.1/Julian Essink

The 67-year-old was punished, among other things, for driving or a driver’s license or for possessing drugs. In addition, bankruptcy proceedings were once opened against him. So far, the jungle camp candidate has not commented on why he has not yet started his next TV project. So it remains to be seen when he will report from Australia for the first time.

Martin Semmelrogge has repeatedly gained experience in various trash TV shows in recent years. In 2013 he made it to fifth place on “Celebrity Big Brother”. In 2017 he also ventured into the “summer house of the stars”. His son Dustin also took part in the jungle camp – in the very first season. After just three days, however, he left the format voluntarily. Now it remains to be seen whether father Martin will do better.

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