Jungle camp – day 10: Djamila is very disappointed in Lucas Cordalis

Djamila works double shifts, Lucas pushes his uncollegiality to a weak moment and Cecilia surpasses himself. On day 10 someone has to go who has allegedly longed for being thrown out for a long time.

“I’m very disappointed in Lucas,” says Djamila, and one would like to rant straight away through the telly to Australia: the viewer too, dear Djamila! And with it the whole “international Germany.” Day 10 in the camp: The atmosphere is, as Deichkind once melodically set to music, crappy. Bad weather, hardly any sun and this miserable hunger.

Because our world’s best Italians only trundled back to camp from their nightly excursion early in the morning and now of course have to rest with their full pizza bellies, they are of course not available for a night watch around the campfire. Djamila is already working double shifts. Tired as a dog, she asks Lucas, the great self-proclaimed motivator, for a fee. But instead of saying, that’s fine, the snorer replies that she should rather ask Claudia. “If I were a guy and a woman asked me, I would do it!” Says “number 13” in disbelief and thinks about how she can cleverly get her opinion across “without freaking out.”

As already mentioned, the secret favorite from all over Germany rocks down several layers. But hey, we all have to understand that the great trombone player from Malle, who claims to want to follow in his old man’s footsteps, “had a weak moment.” He leaves Djamila hanging and sleeps on. The unpleasant thing is not that his father’s footsteps seem too big for him, the unpleasant thing is that dear Markus is unfortunately no longer here. Because he would definitely have said YES.

Four eggs for eleven people and two fat boys

Day 10 goes down in the annals of the jungle camp as the day of the pizza gate. Gigi and Cosi confess that they would rather have eaten the pizza offered during the treasure hunt than bring four eggs to eleven people. The hungry pack is beside themselves. One babbles about a lack of morale and a lack of team spirit. Jana is the only one who disagrees, but Dad doesn’t want to hear other opinions. Then the “Magic Girl”: “Papis, I always give you props, but there are also families with two little boys. You always say categorically: That’s right, that’s wrong.”

The fact is: a spoonful of scrambled eggs per person would not have satisfied people’s hunger. Then rather two well-fed guys who have more strength and energy to support the weak. Morally, the number was not the yellow of the egg, strategically the only right decision.

While Cosimo has a guilty conscience, Gigi is frank. He’s not sorry. His direct nature is also evident when his heart man Markus is thrown out. There is no smear, no hypocrisy. Then he says tough: “I would be happier if Claudia had gone.” It’s sobering how the hype surrounding Cordalis, which was previously pumped up, seems to have vanished into nothing. There can no longer be any talk of favorites. Macho and “pussy” sayings, masturbation fantasies that promote “little Sofia” and leave Djamila hanging. All in all: not worthy of the office.

Cecilia shines in “fall curse”, Tessa sees red

But finally there is something decent to bite again. Cecilia delivered in the jungle test “Fall Curse” so well that she has honestly earned the name “machine”. At a height of 30 meters, she has to go in search of the stars in a car with wings. Focused and incredibly tough, she gets to work, while others would probably have had their nerves fluttering just because of the height. She returns to the camp overjoyed with nine stars.

Jungle camp on TV

“I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!” can be seen daily at 10:15 p.m. on RTL, on Fridays at 9:30 p.m. And of course the show is also available on RTL+.

What is forgotten is that she was at odds with Tessa again. Because the tenth day dinner feels like a divine gift after a long battle with your doubts. The campers are overcome by a real inner turmoil. Gigi misses “his pearl”, Djamila has to admit to having completely underestimated the show, and Jana has long been on another, more peaceful planet – at least mentally.

The well-filled basket with food is all the nicer. Wow! nine stars. The meal is impressive. The thought of not being hungry any more pushes everyone’s mind and immediately puts them in a better mood. The perfect opportunity to make a stink: Tessa can’t stand the “rotting stench” of the “dead corpses” and spoils everyone’s food. “The wallaby sizzling in the pan might as well have lived.” The campers are just annoyed. When she finally, half provocatively, half ironically, wants “meal time”, it is torn once and for all: the viewer’s patience. The vivacious vegan flies out of the camp at full speed.