Jungle Camp – Day 14: “Don’t make a sacrifice, Lucas!”

Three men walk into a bar and have a few drinks. Sounds good, but ends quite “unhappy”. Gigi and papis rattle with Lucas. The situation is becoming more critical. All about the fight with the man who can’t swallow.

“Don’t make a sacrifice, otherwise I’ll fuck the whole jungle,” Gigi Lucas tackles violently. The now fourteenth day in the Australian jungle in one word: escalation. The day started badly. Gigi cried over Cecilia’s expulsion and then he got into a fight with Claudia when he told her: “Why didn’t you leave? You don’t want to be here!”

Do you know that feeling when you try to tear your slippers on even though you’d really like to burn everything down? The same goes for the campuses. But because they are part of a team and want to motivate each other, they don’t let their heads hang. With this commendable attitude, daddies, Gigi and Lucas take part in the jungle test.

Shaka, guys, you can do it! You are “the three musketeers”! Unfortunately, there is a tiny inconvenience at the “unhappy hour”. A new bartender has started at the jungle camp bar. The guy mixes extremely lousy drinks. Now you might think, okay, come on: the main thing is that it bangs, but the cocktail mixes really leave a lot to be desired. The nibbles that come with the drinks for free also taste about how you feel after two weeks at the camp.

There is pig anus, gut juice and cow urine. Gigi and Dad pull through hard, crushing chicken hearts and goat testicles. Unfortunately, however, Lucas’ “body is not able to” pull it along and “swallow it down”. It’s just not “physically” possible. The three get “only five stars instead of seven” because of Lucas’ swallowing problems.

“I could say a thousand things about you”

Later in the interviews, the mood changes. Gigi says what he thinks, namely that two stars could have been better. Lucas, in turn, refuses. After all, they are “a team” and further: “I could also say a thousand things about you”.

The 1000-thing sentence is the last straw. A war of words ensues. Gigi, who answered the interview question honestly, has to hear that he shouldn’t say something like that. That would make Cordalis look bad. Words like “dishonest” and “fake” are used and Lucas is told to his face that he is only concerned with his public image and that he “plays a role”.

Jungle camp on TV

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When he begins to explain himself, he talks himself over his neck. Finally Papis says: “I don’t want to hear anything more” and leaves the interview. Then the man who can’t swallow: “My team left me alone in the forest – great performance, really! Thanks, guys.”

Back at the camp, the 55-year-old complains and again meets an angry dad and a Gigi, who suddenly opens the jackknife in his trouser pocket: “I know people like that!”

“Boy, think about your upbringing first”

Of course, it’s getting really ridiculous now, because Lucas, the big zampano, is being analyzed by psychologist Gigi Freud and verbally dismantled: “Everything for show, everything for a mask, a dazzler and faker. (…) In my eyes he has the smallest Eggs I’ve ever seen! (…) It’s best to sing a song like you’re a victim.” The analysis is so concentrated that Cordalis has little more to say than: “Boy, first think about your upbringing.”

There are tears in daddies because of the “wrong man” whose “true face has come out”. “Oh my God, he can keep his distance!” The man who is always just “the son of” is a person who plays a role: “the tolerant, the super cool.”

And because you can now see that the mass of arguments and allegations is pushing him more and more against the wall, you can almost feel sorry for Lucas again. Always have to play the bloke, the big stayer. Plus all the pressure that has to be on his shoulders to always save face. Even if he wins the crown for his social media reach, he remains the big loser of this show.

Jolina is still trying to “get the shit out of the world” by rounding up everyone involved after dinner: But the emotions haven’t cooled down yet. Let’s rather listen to Djamila’s overall assessment, who finds it all quite normal, because: “There’s always noise in the second week.”

Must leave camp on day 14. Claudia.