Jungle camp – Day 9: Verena Kerth receives marriage proposal from Marc Terenzi

Marc Terenzi falls to his knees in front of Verena Kerth, Iris Klein keeps Instagram busy and Cecilia rejects Tessa’s peace offer. Mountain festival in the camp. You can leave out the bra. Question of the day: Where is Jana actually gone?

Wow, Verena Kerth is the first to fly out of the jungle camp and barely free, Marc Terenzi is waiting for his lady friend on the beach. There he suddenly actually gets on his knees in front of her. What is happening here, the viewer wonders? Is Terenzi living out a fetish for everyone to see and would like to sniff Verena’s smelly jungle socks? Or maybe just help her into the flip-flops? No, it is – a marriage proposal! The number comes across as spontaneously as a politician’s speech. Verena, however, seems very delighted, mimes surprise and finally says: “Yes, I want to!”

The internet spins freely. The comments are through the roof. And of course the rumor persists that the two have long since slipped into the bond of marriage and now only want to take everything with them in the media before one of them files for divorce in a few months.

Speaking of divorce: while our Lucas in the jungle camp pretends to be a motivator and secretes such sloppy Halloween cocolors as: “Pull through, otherwise there will be something sour”, his in-laws are – at least in Trash TV Germany – on everyone’s lips. It went through the network like a landslide the night before. “Papa Peter”, Katzenberger’s mother Iris Klein’s husband, is said to have cheated on her with the accompaniment of Djamila Rowe. The name of the alleged affair: Yvonne Woelke. The actress firmly denies the rumors, as does “Papa Peter” and while some say Iris is just “jealous,” she said she was “deeply hurt.”

Declined peace offer from Cecilia

Meanwhile, the argument from the day before between Tessa and Cecilia is still smoldering in the camp. The model greets the latest “Playboy” bunny with a friendly “Good morning,” but nothing comes back. Not even on their offer to talk to each other again. How infantile is that, please, ignoring a friendly greeting and wanting to continue exactly where you left off the day before? In addition, again and again the same Geseier, the same accusations, because of Tessa’s perception would be wrong. Pure gas lighting. Note: Even those who speak “quietly” can be passive-aggressive.

No mountain festival without a jungle test. This time Jolina and Markus expect innards and body parts of dead animals. But it’s not enough to just eat. Pig brain, camel lung and anus must also have the correct number of grams, which the two estimate beforehand. Result: The agony of plastering the unappetizing bites is often in vain because the duo miscalculated. Many viewers are of the opinion: These “eating tests” are now something of “superfluous”! Hanging up ox heads and entrails so undignified is a thing of the past. At a time like this, when animals are still often so tortured in factory farming, there is no need to praise their heads and guts as disgusting.

Jungle camp on TV

“I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!” can be seen daily at 10:15 p.m. on RTL, on Fridays at 9:30 p.m. And of course the show is also available on RTL+.

Jolina and Markus pull away with four out of eleven stars. While Gigi is in the boss mood on day 9, the hole in Cosi’s stomach drives the 41-year-old to the craziest ideas. Dancing, singing, rapping: You don’t want to know what else he would do for a doner kebab! Poor Cosimo is terribly weak and lacking in energy. Now if only there was a plate of spaghetti with pesto! Cecilia and Gigi accompany their friend to the jungle phone, where the manager on duty suddenly presents Gigi with his bare bottom for the prospect of a tiny little bite between the gills. Unfortunately, our RTL does not respond to the show insert. Cosimo reprimands Gigi for his naked attack: “Hey, your dad and mom saw that.” Then the only true godfather of this country: “My mom gave birth to me too. The mistake to come here! All the way for nothing!”

What else happened:

The campis have broken the rules again and this time they have to give up all luxury items as punishment. Team boss Gigi threatens RTL: “When the day comes when my cigarettes are gone, I’ll burn the jungle.” In the evening, the favorite Italians have to go on a night search outside the camp. The task of the two “alpha males”: Egg Mikado. They manage to save four of eleven eggs. You have the choice: to walk back to the camp with the eggs or to treat yourself to a fat, juicy pizza as a reward.

Quick reflection: four eggs. Eleven people. Cosimo’s eyes wander to the pizza. Gigi’s mouth is watering. But the team spirit! But the others! But but! Finally they pluck up courage and – eat the pizza! The scholar Cosimo I wisely proclaims how it could come to this: “It’s like Adam and Eve with the apple.”

Unfortunately, Markus has to leave the camp on day 9. Too bad, because the “I want fun” singer was a good team player. His fellow campers are appalled by the decision. Many cry. Jana would much rather go back to the freedom that Djamila has been feeling with this group in the forest for the past nine days. She really blossoms: “Without a bra, it doesn’t matter.”