Jungle camp: dispute escalates! Suddenly HE leaves the set

The jungle camp 2023 is officially over and chooses a new jungle queen: Her Majesty Djamila Rowe, the first. After the 55-year-old was able to secure the title in the final, all candidates will sit down again on Monday (January 30) in Sonja Zietlow and Jan Köppen’s Baumahaus and look back over the past 17 days together.

First of all, everyone present honors the winner and jungle queen Djamila Rowe. But as in the entire season, it doesn’t take long before the scraps fly again. In the middle of the fight, the two brawlers Cosimo and Jolina. When another candidate gets involved, the situation escalates completely.

Jungle camp: Candidates raise serious allegations against Cosimo

Even during their time in the camp, Cosimo and other candidates clashed. But actually this dispute was resolved on site. And according to the checker from the Neckar, there were also clarifying talks in the Versace Hotel. But especially with candidate Cecilia, the sting is still deep, because suddenly she interrupts the conversation between the moderators and Cosimo.

“Cosimo showed his true colors at the Versace Hotel,” Cecilia calls out from the background. And papis also raises serious allegations against the 41-year-old. He is said to have treated badly not only the other candidates and escorts, but also the cameramen. While the fifth-placed vehemently shakes his head and rejects all accusations, he then bursts his collar.

Jungle camp: Suddenly he flees

With the sentence: “I won’t give you the airtime,” Cosimo jumps up and leaves the tree house in a hurry. And he won’t come back either. Sonja Zietlow and Jan Köppen skillfully direct the conversation towards Jolina, but it cannot be overlooked that everyone present is surprised at the escape of the 41-year-old.

And the RTL viewers didn’t expect the candidate to just leave. The reactions on Twitter are mixed:

  • “It’s a shame, Cosimo would have judged differently. But running away is childish.”
  • “Cosimo, I would have gotten up and gone too, honestly.”
  • “I think the stress with Cosimo is staged.”
  • “Hopefully Cosimo will come back. He still deserves an apology from papis.”

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