Jungle camp: excerpt before the final – now she speaks plain language about Lucas

While Lucas, Djamila and Gigi are fighting for the crown of the jungle king 2023 in the jungle camp on Sunday evening (January 29), Jolina is watching comfortably from the Versace Hotel. The RTL candidate had to leave the camp on day 16 and is now back in civilization.

After moving out, she speaks exclusively with this editorial team about her expulsion and the candidates. But above all about Lucas Cordalis. He has caused a number of surprises in the past few days. Not only did Daniela Katzenberger’s husband suddenly express an interest in the stories of the competition, he also made a few pointed remarks that got the audience talking. (Read more here)

Jolina has her own opinion on Lucas, who is dying to walk away from the show as a winner. The Youtuber is sure that Daniela could also have had a hand in this.

Jungle camp: Jolina becomes clear when it comes to Lucas

You always did well in the jungle tests, you proved yourself in the group with your team spirit and you still had to go. How do you feel about your expulsion?

I went into the jungle with the intention of going through with it, showing fighting spirit and showing honesty and humanity. Jungle tests and team spirit are part of it. Of course, fourth place is a bit of a shame. I would have loved to have been there on the final day. I think that would have been a great experience again. Nevertheless, I leave the camp today with a proud swelled chest and my head held high because I believe that I have remained true to myself and my principles.

You said you could imagine Lucas and Daniela talking to each other beforehand and talking about “control freak syndrome” on Daniela’s part – what makes you think the two of them had a little deal up front?

I believe that Lucas and Daniela are absolute media professionals. Maybe my statement was a bit out of frustration. I would have liked to know more about Lucas and get to know him better. Because despite the time in the jungle camp, I still don’t really know who Lucas is. He said little about himself and often peppered us with questions. I don’t know what his motivation was behind it, but unfortunately I didn’t really get to know him.

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Jungle camp: Jolina gets enthusiastic about these campers

Who can you imagine staying in contact with after the camp?

Cecilia Asoro, absolute heart person. Papis Loveday – we clicked straight away and I’m very grateful for that. But Markus is also great and I also had great conversations with Tessa. I think many people in the camp were simply underestimated outside. I am grateful for the people I was able to meet, including those with whom I bickered in between, because they also enriched my experience.

More news:

It remains to be seen how well the former campers get along at the big reunion. Immediately after the grand finale, the candidates will meet again on Monday evening (January 30). Maybe Lucas will finally be able to look at his cards here…