Jungle camp fans are up in arms after Lucas’ exam

Lucas Cordalis was considered by many to be the new king of the jungle when he moved into the jungle camp in 2023. After he was unable to take part in 2022 due to his corona disease, he really wanted to prove himself in Australia this time. But whoever was considered a favorite yesterday can long since be written off again today.

At least one thing is certain: With his first jungle test on day 7, he made no friends among the spectators. Quite the contrary, when RTL reviews the scenes on Instagram, criticism hails and it becomes clear that the idea of ​​​​Lucas as a king no longer sounds as natural as it did before the jungle camp.

Jungle camp: exams too easy?

As a reminder, so far a lot of disgusting food has been eaten in the jungle camp. In addition, Tessa and Cosimo were able to enjoy fountains of undefinable liquids in the “Shitstorm” and Jana Urkraft had to demonstrate a head for heights at a height of 20 meters.

When it was Lucas and Claudia’s turn, a tank slowly filling with water was waiting for the player’s wife and a wall with twelve holes for Lucas. While it was getting wetter around Claudia and she had to collect the stars that had fallen into her wet coffin, Lucas turned the supposed “scary screws” outside.

Lucas Cordalis started his first jungle test on day 7 and caused disappointment among the spectators. Photo: RTL / Stefan Thoyah

It wasn’t really scary though. And Luca’s composed manner was only moderately received by the audience. “The test was larifari, especially for Lucas, so everyone else in the group would probably have gotten the stars. Very disappointing, the Lucas. Very boring,” commented a viewer on Instagram.

Jungle camp star Lucas Cordalis is no longer a favorite

And other viewers also criticize Lucas and the previous tests.

  • “This stage wasn’t the usual one, I’m very disappointed. That was nonsense and where were the otherwise so many crawlers. That was nothing!”
  • “I didn’t like the exam. Far too easy and boring. Worst test of this season so far…”
  • “Guess the Cordalis will fly first!”
  • “Exam was very slow!”
  • “The exam was really boring, such a cheap kindergarten game, and Claudia chills in the bathtub while the stars, literally, fall into her lap.”

The most dangerous moment of the whole test was probably Claudia’s exit from her water coffin, during which she slowly approached a lake via a slide, into which she could then carefully lower herself.

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Some cannot understand that Lucas Cordalis is already calling himself the jungle prince and that he probably has a good chance of winning. Many now believe that the fact that his father Costa has already become king of the jungle is not enough for Lucas to inherit him now.