Jungle camp final 2023: a new low point?

Filip Pavlovic was yesterday, today is Djamila Rowe. The Berliner won on Sunday evening in “I’m a star – get me out of here!”. In the final, Rowe first defeated Lucas Cordalis and then Gigi Birofio. But as much as Rowe is happy about her victory, one has to ask after season 16 whether it all has to be like that.

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“I’m getting sick. Shit.” If Djamila Rowe sometime the pictures of the last episode “I’m a star – get me out of here!” looks, she may wish she had chosen other first words as the new jungle queen. But first of all, why would she watch the whole thing again? And second: Who cares? After all, Rowe left Lucas Cordalis and then Gigi Birofio behind in the final and can look forward to an additional 100,000 euros (read the jungle camp final again in the ticker here).

More news about the jungle camp

So far the most important thing for the next Wikipedia entry of the show and its participants. But what you can’t read there is what happened in the camp on the last day before the “coronation”. Traditionally, that’s the most boring part of the show, because after more than two weeks of eating maggots and yelling at each other, the breath has long since gone out here – with the participants as well as with the viewers.

Jungle camp: Gigi Birofio says goodbye

RTL is still trying to scrape the last bit of trash TV out of the camp. So the argument comes up again briefly Cosimo Citiolo and Jolina Mennen, but because both are already out, it’s irrelevant even before it’s settled — even from an entertainment perspective.

The last jungle tests are more relevant, at least for the remaining three participants. Since Djamila Rowe’s greatest fear is having to keep her head under water, that is exactly her task, and she immediately fails at it without hesitation. Birofio on the other hand, has an aversion to fish and must therefore eat all kinds of fishy and other flavorful foods. It works surprisingly well, Birofio only thinks about pig uterus and fermented fish.

Lucas Cordalis should finally lie down in a “glass coffin” which he shares with all sorts of animals in order to fiddle out the last stars of the show with his tongue. Meanwhile, colleague Birofio also has one last task to do in the camp, as he tells Rowe and the viewers: “I’m going to say goodbye to my underpants, they’ve been through a lot.”

Where is Lucas Cordalis going?

Birofio has a few words left not only for his slippers, but also for his star-collecting colleague Cordalis: “Your game is revealed, we are enemies,” Birofio explains, referring to the recent dispute between the two. First of all, Cordalis doesn’t notice that and secondly, he’s motivated to the tips of his hair anyway: “I’ll go to the limit and beyond” – which of course is technically not possible, because if Cordalis goes beyond the limit, then it’s all over obviously not the limit. Cordalis still gets four stars.

“I’m better than the other two!” Cordalis says happily, because that’s obviously important to him, and garnishes his day’s work with all sorts of sayings from the meritocracy. “I once showed where the hammer hangs, dad delivered,” says Cordalis and imagines himself as “best, best, best”. He also believes his victory will “throw competitor Gigi a bit off track”. He does not. Instead, Birofio is happy that there is also a dessert for the last supper.

This different approach of the two is also evident when the rest of the campers are supposed to solicit support from the spectators. Cordalis believes he deserved the win for earning the most stars at camp this year. Birofio, on the other hand, considers himself capable of winning because his heart is in the right place. With the two gentlemen, the spectators have the choice between performance and heart. As is well known, the callers went for option number three, Djamila Rowe.

Gigi Birofio: “Is pocket money included?”

For Lucas Cordalis, you can’t see it, it must be a slap in the office, because he wanted to achieve great things when his father Costa was the first and he himself was the newest king of the jungle in TV annals. “If it works, we’ll write history,” says Cordalis and apparently considers the victory in an RTL trash TV show to be something steeped in history. Gigi Birofio, on the other hand, had other priorities. On the one hand, the cash prize of 100,000 euros, on the other hand somehow preventing Cordalis from winning.

“People have recognized it,” says Birofio happily Sonja Zietlow and Jan Koppen Proclaim Lucas Cordalis as the third-place finisher, after all, there were differing views between the two as to Cordalis’ level of authenticity. For Rowe, on the other hand, Birofio only has kind words. While the winner still suspects a calculation error, Birofio says: “I wouldn’t have given it to him, but I’ll give it to you with all my heart.” And when Rowe returned the compliment by asking if she could adopt him, Birofio showed himself to be a man with a sense of humor one last time: “Is there pocket money?”

Gigi Birofio, jungle camp
Gigi Birofio is presented with two goat eyes in a whole goat head. The jungle camp can also be seen on RTL +.

© RTL / Stefan Thoyah

So Gigi Birofio grants his colleague title and money, and you can hear the same tones on RTL itself. In “I’m a star – get me out of here! – The hour after”, former participants like Thorsten Legat, Elena Miras and Filip Pavlovic full of praise for Rowe, especially for her attitude that please don’t judge people by their appearance. That is of course completely correct in the matter, but not everyone seems to see it that way at RTL. Because when you ask what sticks about this year’s season apart from Rowe’s win, it’s not always so nice.

Jungle camp 2023: No, that’s not nice

Because while the former jungle dwellers celebrate RTL Rowe’s appeal against body shaming, the two moderators Sonja Zietlow and Jan Köppen have done just that in the past 14 days. Their permanent goal: Cosimo and his body. But Djamila Rowe, who was not averse to cosmetic surgery, was also the target of ridicule, for example when Köppen installed a man-high lipstick for Rowe as a gag in his moderation.

Another disrespectful way of dealing with animals, which is still frightening. He was at the jungle camp from the start, but that doesn’t make it any better. Especially since other shows have long since proven that you can do low-level TV more gracefully. But at the end of the season, RTL seems to want to set a new low again when the broadcaster Gigi Birofio served a severed goat’s head for his last jungle test, from whose eye sockets he had to pick the eyeballs, put them in a bowl and then eat them.

But what all of this, the disrespect for animals and people, the behavior of the celebrities and Rowe’s victory, shows is that – ratings or not – “I’m a star – get me out of here!” now seems out of date. Because here there is no longer any height of fall for the stars, on the contrary. No one who could lose their reputation in the camp takes part here anymore, only professionals from the trash TV entertainment machine operate here.

So it’s no wonder that Birofio Cordalis, when he asks about the number of followers, accuses him on the show: “You just know exactly what you’re doing.” Djamila Rowe, on the other hand, obviously didn’t know that as a follower – and maybe that’s exactly why she won.

In the jungle camp: Sonja Zietlow cries because of Dirk Bach (†)

It got emotional in the jungle camp: Jolina Mennen dedicated one of her stars to Dirk Bach. As a result, Sonja Zietlow lost a few tears.

teaser image: © RTL / Stefan Thoyah