Jungle camp: Jana Pallaske planned revolt

TV show is “no longer human”

Jana Pallaske planned jungle revolt

Although the actress and life coach Jana Pallaske is anything but satisfied with the circumstances in the jungle camp, she can stay for the time being – she suggested the big uprising to the others.


Actress Jana Pallaske planned the revolution on day 11 of the jungle camp.

For Jana “Urkraft” Pallaske (43), “the measure is full”: The German actress and former punk singer complained in front of the assembled team about the conditions prevailing in the jungle camp – but model Tessa Bergmeier (33) had to pack her bags.

Pallaske had sincerely hoped that it would hit her: “Today I had the feeling that I wouldn’t. But it was nice to feel the sweet scent of freedom for a few moments,” she explained. Why does she want out? What sometimes takes place in the camp is “no longer human”. You can’t always accept everything, she continued to complain – and even spoke of torture: “What’s happening here is simply inhuman, sick, pathetic.” She stands for the “female principle”, explained the actress. “My job is to stand for exactly that in this world, with all vulnerability.”