Jungle camp: Jolina, Gigi and Cecilia no longer mince words

The final is getting closer and slowly the group in the jungle camp seems to be splitting into two camps. While the contestants have tried to pull together so far, Day 12 will be nasty about each other. Jolina Mennen, Cecilia Asoro and Gigi Birofio don’t leave a good hair on their competitors.

Claudia Effenberg in particular gets her fat off the blasphemy round. Papis Loveday, on the other hand, is confronted directly with the bitter truth when Jolina reveals to him that she actually hated him. Have the evil tongues lost the chance to take the throne in the jungle camp? The viewers decide that.

Jungle camp residents pull over Cosimo

Admittedly, this year’s camp is almost a little too harmonious. A little hour of gossip is just right. Jolina, Cecilia and Gigi sit down on Day 12 to share their opinions on the other contestants. The three don’t mince words.

For example, Cecilia says about Cosimo: “I think that at the beginning he was very artificial. His heart is in the right place, but sometimes he just provokes.” Gigi nods and adds that his buddy contradicts himself. The former DSDS candidate initially complained about what viewers might think, only to then say that he didn’t care what other people thought about him.

Claudia is a thorn in the side of the jungle camp stars

The RTL candidates become particularly toxic when it comes to Claudia. “She complains too much. And when she does something, she talks about it for the next three days. And this sloppiness. ‘Oh Gigi, I would be sad if you left now’ – that’s not true at all. Don’t talk all over me,” the reality star annoyed. Jolina agrees excitedly: “You don’t do this constant profiling in a team. In a football team you don’t say after the game: ‘I scored the goals.’ Someone also gave the goal scorer the assist. This is a team effort here.”

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So the three agree when they talk about daddies. Gigi refers to the runway beauty as a ‘princess’, while Jolina openly admits she thought she hated daddies. The Senegalese, who is listening to the blasphemers at this moment, fortunately takes the honest words with humor and can only laugh at the misjudgment of his jungle camp roommates.