Jungle camp: Peter Klein talks about Lucas Cordalis’ slip

While things should be happening in the jungle camp, the real drama is taking place just outside the camp. The main roles are played by Lucas Cordalis’ companion Peter Klein and his wife Iris Klein. Daniela Katzenberger’s mother accuses her husband of cheating on her in Australia and is already talking about the marriage.

So far there has only been a lack of understanding and denials from Peter. The fact that it should actually be about Lucas Cordalis and his time in the jungle camp seems to have been completely forgotten. But now Peter has come back to the actual topic, commented on Lucas’ “slip” and found clear words.

Jungle camp: Peter Klein responds to criticism of Lucas

When he moved in, Lucas Cordalis was still a favorite among the candidates for 2023, especially because his father, Costa Cordalis, became king of the jungle in 2004. In the meantime, however, it no longer looks so clear for the self-proclaimed jungle prince.

Many viewers found his jungle test with Claudia boring. On day 10, he heated up campers and fans in Germany with a statement. Because Djamila already had to work double shifts at the campfire watch, she asked Lucas to stand in for her at night. But his sleep was more important to him and so he advised her to ask Claudia instead of getting up herself. This statement does not sound like team spirit, Djamila thinks and comments: “If I were a guy and a woman asked me, I would do it!”

Her statement gets a lot of recognition from the viewers, with whom Djamila is slowly but steadily becoming the favorite. And Peter Klein also shows understanding, as he lets his fans know on Instagram.

Jungle camp: Peter Klein explains Lucas’ behavior

“He did something on the show that I didn’t find that positive. I’m very sorry he acted like that. It’s a real shame because Lucas isn’t usually like that,” explains Peter.

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He is certain Lucas’ reaction is due to the circumstances he is currently facing. “If he had complied with their wish, it would have shown the viewers that he is a true king and that no matter what, he is there for his fellow campers and also helps when there is a need. Ultimately, that’s what it’s all about, showing team spirit.” And sometimes exceeding your limits.

“Of course I hope for Lucas that he can show that it was a slip that he allowed himself.”