Jungle Camp: Seriously? This is Jolina Mennen’s biggest fear

Even before moving into the jungle camp, Jolina Mennen suffers a panic attack. In her room at the Versace Hotel in Brisbane (Australia), the 30-year-old suddenly bursts into tears. She shows her followers the unembellished truth on Instagram.

It is understandable that the influencer’s fans are immediately worried about Jolina. What was she so upset about? A little later, the jungle camp candidate explains that she suffers from a severe phobia. But how does she want to keep the camera under control?

A week before moving in: Jungle camp candidate suffers panic attack

Her followers are afraid when Jolina Mennen shows herself in tears on the floor of her hotel room. The Bremen native has just flown to Australia with her husband Florian to compete in the RTL jungle camp from January 13th. But a week before the start of the season, the YouTuber suffers a nervous breakdown.

“I have a completely irrational phobia and some prankster told the production about it. I’ve just been asked about this, even though I wanted to keep it a secret. Of course I was aware of the risk when I agreed to this show, but I thought I might be lucky and get around it,” says Jolina Mennen in her Instagram story. She does not reveal what the influencer is so afraid of.

Jungle camp star Jolina Mennen is terrified of frogs

Only when asked by “Bild” does Jolina reveal what you can do to panic her. “I have a phobia of frogs,” she reveals. And further: “As a child, I walked into a shower and was jumped on by a frog.” Some people can certainly agree that they don’t want to feel the slimy little animals on their own bodies, but objectively speaking, you need a real fear not to be had in front of them. However, this does not play a role in a phobia.

“I knew that they could come to me in the jungle,” admits Jolina Mennen. And explains: “I thought if I was asked in advance if I was afraid of frogs, then I’d just say no.” She hopes that if nobody suspects RTL, she might not even have frogs in the jungle tests puts.

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Whether RTL will shamelessly exploit this phobia is still questionable. In any case, Jolina Mennen would be quite “disappointed” with the production, as she emphasizes to “Bild”. In the past, however, candidates have always been confronted with their fears.

“I’m a star – get me out of here” starts live on RTL on January 13, 2023 at 9:30 p.m.