Jürgen Drews reveals how hit shows really work

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Of: Julia Hanigk

Jürgen Drews is on tour with Florian Silbereisen at “Schlagerfest.XXL”. The two like to play pranks on each other behind the scenes. The two have the same sense of humor, he shares in his podcast.

Münsterland – In his podcast “The King’s New Podcast” Jürgen Drews (77; all news on the topic page) likes to chat about one or the other from the pop world. Now he’s going on a little podcast break, because the hit star is going on tour. Florian Silbereisen (40) will also be there, with whom Drews shares the same sense of humor.

Jurgen DrewsSinger
BornApril 2, 1945
spouseRamona Drews (married 1995), Corinna Drews (married 1981–1985)
childrenJoelina Drews, Fabian Drews

Jürgen Drews on the “Schlagerfest.XXL” tour

The 77-year-old “King of Mallorca” interpreter (the most successful German pop singer of all time) is now starting again on the big “Schlagerfest.XXL” tour. Because of the corona pandemic, the tour had to be interrupted at first – now it’s finally going on.

The pop singer made it public last year that he was suffering from the nervous disease “peripheral polyneuropathy”. But that doesn’t stop Drews. Even a corona infection shortly before the start of the tour could not stop Drews, he is bursting with energy. “That’s why I cried at home like a castle dog. Luckily I was healthy in time,” he admits.

Jürgen Drews reveals how hit shows really work
Jürgen Drews and Florian Silbereisen always have something to laugh about on stage. (Archive photo 2018) © VIADATA/Holger John/IMAGO

Florian Silbereisen as the prank king: Jürgen Drews reveals how hit shows really work

Of course, it also helps if you have great colleagues like pop star Florian Silbereisen who have your back and with whom you can have fun behind the scenes. Jürgen Drews divulged that he always had something to laugh about with Flori.

“Florian has often frightened me by staging something. Either he screamed something or he disguised himself, pulled something over his head. Then he came towards me like a ghost. We both always had a great time. I said to him, ‘Flo, stop that shit’ – and he always laughed,” Drews recalls of the previous section of the tour together.

“Just as stupid humor”: Florian Silbereisen and Jürgen Drews always have something to laugh about

Silbereisen has “just as stupid a sense of humor as I do”, Jürgen Drews is enthusiastic. And otherwise he only finds positive words for the DSDS juror in his podcast: “With Florian Silbereisen, that’s really fun” and “Good man”, he praises.

After the concerts, you won’t find Jürgen Drews at wild parties, as the pop singer also says. He’s “more the recluse type,” he admits. After his performances, he would rather go to his room, read or watch a film.

“Bleeding like a pig”: Pop star Jürgen Drews survived a dangerous frontal crash

Jürgen Drews recently made an experience public at the beginning of his career that shocked his fans quite a bit. Drews was involved in a car accident and stated that he “bled like a pig”. Sources used: drews.podigee.io/The King’s new podcast