Jürgen Drews: The Schlager star is finally talking about his health

How is pop star Jürgen Drews (76) doing? He has had to grapple with rumors about his state of health more and more recently. So it’s understandable that his fans are worried about him.

At the beginning of the Corona crisis, fans were worried about the pop singer when it suddenly became very quiet around him. You can see what happened to his disappearance in the video!

Jürgen Drews: He suffers from an incurable nervous disease

In July 2021, Drews announced that he was suffering from a nerve disease known as “peripheral polyneuropathy”. At the time, he still reassured his fans that the symptoms were still restrained. He can walk normally and only a few movements, such as the “Drews pirouette”, are restricted.

Since then, however, the hit star has not spoken about his illness. Of course his fans are worried.

How is the hit star doing with his illness today?

In a current episode of his podcast “The king’s new podcast”, the hit star answers the burning questions of his fans. A Drews supporter asks a question that has occupied many fans for a long time: “Dear Jürgen, how are you doing at the moment? You keep reading, you’re not doing well.”

A valid question. Because: The symptoms of polyneuropathy include muscle breakdown, muscle weakness and unsteady gait. Is Drews also affected by this now?

Drews gives the all-clear: “I’m doing fantastic!”

Thankfully, Drews can put his fans’ worries at ease. “I’m doing fantastic. Everything’s great,” he explains in the podcast. He also adds that hopefully it will stay that way for a long time to come. Drews fans are sure to be reassured. Finally, there’s a conclusion from the Schlager star: “Then I’ll get old!” A promise that his fans will surely be happy about.