Jürgen Milski rages at Düsseldorf Airport – “All the shit”

Jürgen Milski bursts his collar at Düsseldorf Airport – “All the shit”

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Many vacationers currently have to expect long waiting times at Germany’s airports. Also Ballermann singer Jurgen Milski can sing a song about it. The hit star is at Düsseldorf Airport and can’t believe what he noticed there.

And doing it Jurgen Milski not only drawn attention to the travel chaos at Düsseldorf Airport.

Jürgen Milski: Malle-Star is at Düsseldorf Airport – and pissed off

In his Instagram story, the native of Cologne lets his frustration run free and first shares a picture of himself in the crowd at the airport. “Flight chaos at Düsseldorf Airport… and I’m right in the middle of it again!” writes the former “Big Brother” winner, adding the word “Danger”.

Jürgen Milski is now used to the chaos at the airport, as he flies back and forth between Mallorca and Germany several times a week. Days ago he was publicly upset about the airport managers whom he blames for all of this.

His celebrity colleagues feel sorry for the star and comment:

  • Annemarie Eilfeld: “I recommend Leipzig/Halle to anyone who wants to travel in a relaxed manner”
  • Ilka Bessin: “Oh God”
  • Martin Scholz: “I hope you get your flight, my dear”

But the long queues are not the only thing that upset the Mallorca singer on Tuesday morning.

Jürgen Milski: “You breathe in all the shit”

Jürgen: “I’m at the airport in Düsseldorf and you know what really annoys me? That when people have to get on the bus, the bus drivers just keep the engine running. Keep going, keep going. The exhaust fumes go into the bus, you inhale all the shit. Why isn’t it abolished that the bus drivers have to turn off the bus? I think it’s also very environmentally friendly. Incomprehensible! But that is the case at every airport.”

It couldn’t be the air conditioning, Jürgen Milski suspects. After all, the bus doors are wide open and the argument that the air conditioning must remain on is therefore irrelevant.

It is not yet known whether the singer was able to fly out of Düsseldorf Airport on time. According to the bus statement, he was already driven to the plane.


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