jury discord between celebrities and annoyance for comments

‘Masterchef’ has had moments of clashes between several of the participants during the tests, such as the one that happened recently when Aída Morales prevented Isabella Santiago from cheating.

The intensity of the RCN Channel cooking contest means that, despite the fact that some contestants have known each other for several years, there are some controversies between them.

That happened when they applied a striking dynamic in a test, in which one of the program’s chefs left some questions that made them doubt in full competition.

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‘Masterchef’: jury discord between celebrities and annoyance for comments

The test in chapter 95 of ‘Masterchef’ consisted of ‘Corozo’, Cristina Campuzano and Sebastián ‘Tatán’ Mejía, who were exempt from the challenge, supporting several of the participants at the beginning. In the end, the contestants had to finish those preparations.

However, despite the good intentions, there were misunderstandings and that allowed the Chilean Christopher Carpentier to put discord among the celebrities.

“I think he sabotaged you,” the jury told Ramiro Meneses about Cristina Campuzano’s support, in an attempt to confuse him. The truth is that the actor and other contestants were dissatisfied with the support.

“They allowed themselves to be poisoned,” said Campuzano, who later treated them as ungrateful. “I understand your stress, but I feel that you are not so grateful for what the other left,” he warned amid his indignation.

The judges’ qualifications for the dishes presented led them to decide that the Venezuelan Isabella Santiago was left out of the ‘Masterchef’ elimination challenge.

Thus, Ramiro Meneses, ‘Estiwar G’, Mauricio ‘Chicho’ Arango, Aída Morales and Carlos Baez were in danger of being the next eliminated from the RCN Channel culinary program.